To the editor:

The views expressed in your July 4 column on television news was on target. (How about car chases?)

However, you undercut the point on journalistic style and ethics with the editorial cartoon on the same page.

Perhaps if you had seen Wesley Clark's interview in which he questioned the relevance of John McCain's military experience to the demands of the presidency you might not have published the cartoon. Did not Clark pose a legitimate question? McCain's courage and patriotism were not challenged. Clark did not express any views similar to the ones which he approved in the cartoon.

My wife's reaction to the cartoon was andquot;this is libel.andquot; I agree that while not legally so, it is certainly so ethically. When cartoonists set up a straw man so that they can knock it down, it appeals to the ignorant and angers those better informed.

There have been a number of such cartoons printed lately. Shame on you and the Baker City Herald. Didn't this subject come up in your journalism class?

Fred Palmer

Baker City