To the editor:

In this country we are blessed to have the safe opportunity to comment on government action. My comment is on the coming City Council discussion on prayer.

Mr. Dielman asks that everyone follow the rules. The number one rule to follow is that government shall make no law prohibiting the free expression of religion. When you have a Muslim lead in prayer, you are going to get a Muslim ending; with a Jewish person you will get a Jewish ending; and with a Christian you will get andquot;in the name of Jesusandquot; as an ending.

Those of us who are of a different persuasion from the person who is leading in prayer need not be offended. They may not be joining in the prayer, but they need not be offended. That is at the heart of freedom of religion: let the other person freely express their religion so that I am free to express mine.

If you try to control how anyone prays, you make yourself superior to their God. That is most unwise. Even if you are an atheist, such control will eventually force you to go against your conscience also. There has been an erosion of freedom of religion. Even atheists ought to be concerned since along with the erosion of freedom of religion I notice a surge, an increase, in the power of the thought police going by the name of Political Correctness.

Suzanne Kahle

Baker City