To the editor:

Business and property owners: Think about this. . . .



No more facade renovation grants

No more state or regional promotion

No more highway billboards

No more pocket parks

No Christmas tree

No Christmas parade

No parlor tour

No fall festival

No cowboy poetry

No Taste of Baker

No Paint Your Wagon

No kids bike races

No downtown trick or treat

No duck races

No street dance

No more streetscape (garbage cans, benches, planters, banners)

No Historic Baker City Inc director (Ann Mehaffy)

There are many more andquot;perksandquot; that come with having a vibrant and alive downtown association; the ones I've mentioned here are the most obvious.

It would be devastating to our downtown economy if the EID were to fail. We count on all the downtown activities to help promote our business and then, as with the trickle down theory, I spend my income locally at hair salons, grocery stores, cell phone providers, Internet service providers, insurance companies, car dealerships, restaurants, bike shops, newspapers, banks, plumbers, appliance stores, furniture stores, etc. You get the idea. Just because you don't see the dollar come into your store during an event, it's the trickle down!

Please support the EID renewal. I would also like to urge all past HBC presidents to let everyone know how important the EID is.

Gail Duman

Baker City