To the editor:

Best Friends of Baker, Inc. receives yearly membership fees that contribute to the working capital for this animal rescue group. Larger donations are invested to earn interest and contribute towards the long-term goal of establishing an animal shelter for Baker County.

However, we are lacking foster homes to care for found and discarded animals. As we seldom turn away animals if they cannot be placed in foster homes they are boarded. This is a several-hundred-dollar expense monthly that is not sustainable. Foster care providers and donations are needed to fill the gap. Even though some dogs go to rescue shelters in other cities to be placed, they have to be cared for in the interim.

Won't you please consider donating money or volunteering as a foster care giver? We need temporary homes for all kinds of animals, not just dogs. Please give Best Friends a call (519-PETS) or write to us at PO Box 183, Baker City, OR 97814. Find out what it takes to be a caregiver for animals.


Joanne Britton

Baker City