To the editor:

As the 2008 hunting seasons approach, and with the increasing number of special, youth and handicap tags being made available, the deer are under unusually high pressure.

The true sportsmen will let the forked horns and spike bucks pass, as these are only 1- to 2-year young animals, and they are easy prey. Taking a three-point or better buck shows maturity and patience, and proves to be a bit more of a challenge.

I have hunted Oregon successfully since the 1950s and as of last year have sold all firearms in trade for my camera. The future deer population is in the hands of today's young and old hunters, and I truly believe by being a selective and responsible outdoorsman, the deer numbers will increase. Also, I like the idea of burning any doe tags that you receive.

A real hunter kills bucks, and good bucks, only.

Jim Smeraglio