Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Why not hire locally, 5J board?

To the editor:

Why wasn't a local candidate given more consideration for the 5J Superintendent position? This individual is fully qualified, competent, and demonstrates something the District leadership has lacked for a long time: Character.

While the Board spends thousands of dollars canvassing the western states in their search, the impending budget crisis will soon be upon the District due to the PERS shortfall. Then, we'll hear about how we need to close more schools, cut our children's school days, put our teachers on another mandatory furlough, or all of the above.

Couldn't we be saving the money and allow our local candidate with a proven track record to do the job? If these three candidates are the "cream of the crop" despite what was revealed in the paper, one might speculate one of two things: The rest of the candidates were sub-par or the process has been flawed. I'll bet it's the latter.

Mike Ogan

Baker City

Honored to be a candidate

To the editor:

To the Baker Community and School District: I am writing to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the opportunity you afforded me to compete for your school superintendence position. The School Board should be commended for its diligence for conducting such a deliberate and thorough selection process.

Looking from the outside, it is so very easy to see what a wonderful community and strong school system you have in Baker and why so many top school leaders sought this position. When you have a moment, I simply encourage you to thank your teachers, administrators, staff, PTOs, and school board for the superior job they are performing in educating your children.

While I am personally disappointed to not have been selected to lead the Baker schools, I am professionally inspired by the process employed in the selection of Mr. Wegener and have no doubt he will perform admirably for you. I also wish Mr. Ulrey well in his retirement. Thank you for your consideration for this position. Final consideration was in itself a true honor.

Earl Pettit

Douglas, Ariz.