Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Softball teams get short shrift

To the editor:

Why is it that Baker's baseball program gets so much more than Baker's softball program? So how is that right that the boys baseball teams get so much more than the girls softball teams do?

Most of the baseball teams this year got brand new uniforms. This would not be so bad if they had not just received new uniforms two seasons ago and were not the official pro league style uniform.

The boys' minors teams got full uniforms that have the pro leagues symbols on an official baseball jersey, socks, baseball pants, and also an official hat and a belt for their pants. The minors softball team does not even have full uniforms, all they have is a twelve-dollar heat press shirt and the parents had to buy pants for their girls out of their own pocket. How much did the boys uniforms cost compared to the girls? The majors boys teams got the same uniform package as the minors teams. The majors and juniors girls are wearing the same uniforms (shorts and jersey) that we have had for four years now.

The concession stands at Wade Williams that the softball girls' parents have to work also, when we do not play there, why? Is that so we can pay off all the money that we spend on the boys? We don't even have bathrooms at our fields, furthermore concessions. The boys that are 13 and 14 have their own fields to practice and play on. The girls, minors, majors and junior teams have to practice and play all on the same two fields. Most of the time a team has to practice on the grass next to the fields because the fields are taken, and we all have to practice.

So I ask again why does baseball have so much more than softball?

Carley Johnson

Juniors Softball Player

Happy to report heron sighting

To the editor:

In response to Joanne Britton's letter in Monday May 10, 2010, Baker City Herald concerning the return of the herons, I would like to say that about eight weeks ago I saw an adult heron and two chicks in a pond while I was travelling on Pocahontas Road.

My first thought was that it was a crane, but The Peterson Field Guide provided the correct identification. On the bright side instead of no herons there were three sighted.

Sue Blair