Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Reward offered for my missing buddy

To the editor:

On the evening of May 11 my black and white English springer spaniel male, Flint, was last seen going down Beaver Creek Road towards Highway 7. I have lost a very faithful and loyal companion and have spent many hours driving and walking, looking for my buddy.

So I'm writing, asking and pleading if someone may have found him to please bring him home. No questions asked. I am offering a reward for his safe return.

I still have his mother, and he has been with me for nine years. He is sorely missed. He can be returned to me or at the Animal Clinic and they will contact me. If you leave your name and address I will see you get your reward. Thanks you.

Bernie Miller

Baker City

Softball players like lights, too

To the editor:

Both my brother and I play ball. I am coached by my mother and my

brother is coached by my stepfather. After dressing on opening day I

noticed the same thing MY teammate Carley had. My brother looked very

spiffy in his brand new, full uniform. As did my stepfather Tim in his

pro back, authentic MLB hat, and his coach's shirt was very nice too.

I, on the other hand, was wearing the same uniform I have worn for the

past four years. My mom had a coaching shirt, but it looks nothing like

my stepfather's.

At our 17th Street field we take pride in taking care of it. After

every practice our coach has us fill our gloves full of rocks before we

hand drag and brush it. I have never seen this take place at Wade

Williams. I am willing to do the same over there, so I think I should

get the same experience as my 9-year-old brother and get to play under

the lights. I want to play where the parents will get out of their car,

and can buy a hot chocolate if they want. I want to play where they

will have a comfortable restroom to use instead of a outhouse.

Finally my biggest complaint. I don't know if umpires are ever

scheduled to work over at 17th Street. In fact, in all the years my mom

has coached she has usually been left to beg a parent. Last year, she

ended up umpiring two games in a row, in her bare feet, because she

showed up in sandals and there was nobody else there to do it. This

year, we were forced to ask a Junior team, visiting from Mac-Hi, if

they brought anyone with them that is willing to umpire. We ended up

using one of their young high school boys. I wonder if they will come

back to play us again? I know that is the last thing I would want to

walk into at an out of town game - "Hey did you bring an ump??"

Farrell Linscott

13 years old

Baker City

Softball parents are appreciative

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to clarify a few things in the letters written

by both my daughter, Farrell Linscott, and her teammate Carley Johnson.

We as a team do appreciate the great strides that have been made by our

current board. This is not an attack on our president (we think Ty

Bennett is doing a superb job)! I know the rebuttal to these letters

is always that the money is divided equally, and that may be so.

However, shouldn't the necessities at the girls' fields be taken care

of before the boys get luxuries? Just a thought.

Once again, I would like to thank the board for all of their time and

efforts, it is appreciated and we do not want to come across as being


Kelly Nork

Baker City