Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Fed up with all the barking

To the editor:

Do you ever feel like you're living in the middle of a dog kennel?

Wake up in the morning to the sound of barking dogs. Try to have a nice

day outside with a friend, just to listen to barking dogs. But worse is

getting woke up at all times of the night to barking dogs.

People, be a friend and take control of your barking dogs.

Maybe Baker City, city of trees, should be changed to Baker City, city of barking dogs.

By the way, I own a small dog that is loved very much and is in control.

David Noah

Baker City

Anonymous helpers go the extra mile

To the editor:

Often you read about young men who commit crimes or harm others, but seldom do you read about young men who stop and help. I had a flat tire out in Ruckles Creek Loop road on Sunday, July 18.

When I got my tools out to change the tire, the lug wrench in the tool kit was too small. No cell phone service. Sitting there wondering what to do, up the road comes a SUV with two young men in it. I asked them if they had a star wrench. They didn't but said they would drive up the road to the parking lot to see if their friend had one. I thought I might never see them again. After a while I saw a dust cloud coming down the road. The friend had a star wrench and they put my spare on. I never got their names.

They may never see this letter, but I want you to know that their mothers and grandmothers can be very proud of them. Thank you, whoever you are, for going the extra mile.

Wyona Edwards