Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

I'm sorry I made such a bad choice

To the editor:

I am one of the kids that made a very, very, very bad stupid choice.

I went into Churchill School. I want to say I am truly sorry to the owners of Churchill School for disrepecting your property and being irresponsable and embarrassing my mom and dad. I am sorry to the town for disrespecting the historic building.

I will and want to fix what I did. I will work hard to pay back for my part in all of this.

Don't do stupid stuff and what your friends do. I am most of all sorry to the Churchhill owners for lying to you the first time. I should have told the truth.

Andy Hughes

Age 13

Revised history bears correcting

To the editor:

Baker City should be congratulated on the success of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. It has been many years since we visited Baker, and helped develop the plans that resulted in your commemoration of the brave people who settled the western United States. A recent visit to a Web site called "Cultural Heritage Tourism" captured my attention, with a serious bit of misinformation about the origins of the Interpretive Center.

It states:"Changes began in1986 when new governor Neil Goldschmidtchallenged the county to come up with a plan to rejuvenate its economy andhellip; community leaders took stock of the area's worth: natural beauty, charming historic city, the Oregon Trail, and the gateway to Hells Canyon wilderness area. In short, Baker County possessed inherent qualities that made it a prime candidate for heritage tourism development."

I encourage you to correct several assertions. Gov. Vic Atiyeh was in office from 1979-1987, and he and his Tourism Director Edward A. Remington should be credited with the concept and development of this project.

It was Gov. Atiyeh and Edward Remington who provided the concept and the funds to carry out the plan, prior to Goldschmidt's term. Remingtonhired my firm to assess all of Eastern Oregon for tourism potential at a time when timber, agriculture and other traditional Oregon economic engines were greatly distressed. With the assistance of Ms. Shirley Jennings, Baker City's incomparable tourism director, one of our most important recommendations was for the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City. This became the impetus for tourism throughout Eastern Oregon. Your much-respected tourism authority, Alice Trindle, may add to our recollection.

Later on, Gov. Goldschmidt's tourism director hired us to identify reasons why the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center shouldnotgo forward. On the contrary, we foundthe project to be financially sound and highly likely to succeed. We are proud to have been a small part of this success story. I believe that Gov. Atiyeh and Ed Remington deserve a large debt of thanks. Someone might even drop a message to the Cultural Heritage people and correct the revised history.

Don McPhail

D.A. McPhail and Associates

Mountain View, CA

Walden should agree to debates

To the editor:

I certainly hope that Congressman Walden will find time in his busy schedule to debate serious issues that concern all Oregonians. This is a most transparent forum where spin and prepared responses might be held to a minimum and where issues of concern may be raised.

Many issues come to mind: For example, I understand that Congressman Walden has voted in favor of providing Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. I have tried to contact Mr. Walden to clarify this, but have not received any reply. I would very much like to hear the positions of both Walden and Segers on that topic.

Further, I would like to hear the candidate's comments and positions on the following proposed constitutional amendment. Proposed 28th amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall enact no law that applies to citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to Senators and/or Representatives; and Congress shall enact no law that applies to Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States."

Like me, I'm sure other Oregonians have many more issues that they would like to have the candidates debate and it will be unfortunate if Congressman Walden will not make the time to attend the proposed public discussions.

Bill Albright

Baker City