Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

A great story about a great event

To the editor:

Thank you Baker City Herald and reporter Russell Vineyard for the excellent article about the mass casualty training held last Saturday. Reading it felt like it gave me, just acitizen, a crash course in handling emergencies, certainly something everyone needs. This was thorough, informative, and once againa reminder of how much respect and appreciation the network of responders inthe community deserve.

Linda Bergeron


A fine production of 'Peter Rabbit'

To the editor:

"The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends" at the Heritage Museum is a very ambitious production with 18 children and nine adults in the cast.

We enjoyed it very much. The costumes were darling; the children and adults knew their lines and there were no awkward pauses.

We thank the director, Lynne Burroughs, the technical crew, and all those who supported this play. We look forward to further productions from Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre.

Frances Burgess

Baker City

Councilor Pope needs to step down

To the editor:

Two items.

1: Anyone who fears Baker will turn into Bend or Redmond in the near future is delusional. Those cities have about 1,000 small manufacturing businesses that employ between 50 and 100 people, and probably another 100 that employ 100-plus.

Those businesses don't just spring up from the earth fully-formed. They are planned for and cultivated, lobbied for and negotiated into existence, usually by a very savvy Economic Development group.

From what I've heard, Baker's former Economic Development Department accomplished little more in a decade than putting together the Leo Adler Parkway - whatever that has to do with economics.

2. Ever since the firing of Steve Brocato, Baker City Council meetings have continually devolved into Milo Pope's public hissy fits.

That single topic has consumed Pope to an extent that seems pathological.

Yet Pope wants us to believe he can effectively conduct the city's business, even with the burden of that huge chip he carries on his shoulder.

Pope's (and City Hall's) recall of two fellow council members failed by a wide margin, proof that Baker residents, if not exactly putting the stamp of approval on Brocato's dismissal, are at least willing to move on.

But now Pope has decided to hold counsel with his pal Brocato instead of conducting the city's business in an actual council meeting.

Worse yet, he wants us to believe that Brocato's firing - this all-consuming event in Pope's political life - never comes up in their conversations.

More likely Pope is scheming to help Brocato's lawsuits and, at the very least, embarrass Pope's enemies.

If he ever possessed them, Pope has lost the perspective and temperament to govern and, as a former judge, he should be ashamed of his shenanigans.

I hope he isn't typical of the quality of people we have carrying on the legacy of Solomon. He reportedly can't be trusted not to urinate in the downtown flowerbeds, let alone engage in rational legal thought.

Pope needs to step down. He won't do this, of course. According to his own words, he's "having too much fun."

How nice for him. How sad for Baker.

Doug Darlington

Baker City