Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Applaud McQuistens

To the editor:

We all should applaud Terry and Dan McQuisten for their latest renovations to Baker City's little jewel of a movie theater on First Street.

To think that a few years ago the building was considered unsafe and on the verge of a permanent closure! The new paint job is bright and inviting, keeping with the wonderful art deco look.

All the vibrant neon is in perfect working order and the fragrance of their buttery popcorn constantly feeds the ambiance of our neighborhood. We are so lucky to have this wonderful movie house in a town our size when so many other places have seen theirs disappear.

Please remember the Eltrym for all they add to our community, particularly the support they lend to special showings and other art-related events.

Thank you Terry and Dan for your passion and hard work!

John Watson

Baker City

Let's let Wyden retire this year

To the editor:

Recently Sen. Ron Wyden has been running TV commercials accusing his opponent, Jim Huffman, of supporting the massive $800 billion bailout, which includes pork-barrel projects, government jobs and grants to states, paid for with deficit spending.

Sen. Wyden, you were the one that voted for this bailout! Jim Huffman couldn't vote for it as he wasn't a senator!

The bailout has obviously not worked as we still have 10 percent unemployment and realistically 16 percent unemployment if you count those that have given up looking for work. I cannot comprehend how Wyden can run TV ads that are so misleading.

Also Wyden voted for the Obamacare 2,700-page health care plan that no one yet fully understands. It will cost in excess of $1 trillion, cut Medicare $500 billion and will cut and ration health care. Again more deficit spending!

Again, Wyden voted for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act creating a new bureaucracy to regulate the financial industry and impose new taxes and regulations, hurting community banks and small business.

The National Federation of Independent Business organization has continually shown over the years that Wyden repeatedly votes against legislation that is favorable to small business. He will deny this but it is in his voting record.

Wyden's voting record absolutely indicates that he is a liberal socialist that is voting for all legislation that the Obama administration is dumping on our great country. His 30 years as a U.S. senator has resulted in more than $13 trillion of deficit spending.

It's time to vote this 30-year liberal, socialist leaning, deficit spending, career politician out of office. He can then retire on his lavish retirement that he voted for, and spend more time with his wife at their New York home.

His opponent, Jim Huffman, is a highly respected student of our U.S. Constitution teaching it at Lewis and Clark College. It would be nice if we had more senators that understand and appreciate the workings of our great Constitution.

The bottom line is to vote these career politicians out of office and restore fiscal responsibility and some good old common horse sense!

Gary McManus

Baker City