Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Celtic Society will be no more

To the editor:

It is with heavy hearts that we, the Executive Council of the Eastern Oregon Celtic Society (EOCS) met Sept. 30 and voted unanimously to dissolve the Society. We have all enjoyed hosting the Highland Games and Celtic Festival immensely the past two years. However the problems we have had regarding the venue at Leo Adler Field have proven to be too much.

We have faced many trials and adversities over the past two years

together, but now we are faced with the loss of a venue permanently for

the Highland Games and Celtic Festival for the following years.

Organizing the Celtic Festival requires hundreds of man-hours from a

few core volunteers each year. While we appreciate all the help we have

received from all of you, there seems to be a lack of interest within

the local communities.

The Eastern Oregon Throwers (EOT) will continue and there will be no

membership fee for being a part of the EOT, just come and have fun with

us. We will still participate in community service projects through the

EOT and will host a Black Sheep Throw (Games Only) the last weekend of

August with more events scheduled throughout the year.

While we love all things Celtic, and have thoroughly enjoyed organizing

this event, as a board, we can no longer feasibly continue to host the

Eastern Oregon Celtic Festival and Highland Games in Baker City. We

want to express our gratitude to our members, volunteers, and the

communities that have assisted us for the past two years for all they

have done.

Dutch Fahrney

Marna Fahrney

Briana Kossler

Wade Foersterling

Kate Grace

Bob Nelson