Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Let's try to keep KTVB on the air

To the editor:

Here we go again - Charter is unplugging the connection with KTVB in Boise as of Dec. 1. And they just took out our walk-in office!

I e-mailed Doug Armstrong at KTVB to ask why, and he replied that the Baker City area is assigned to the Portland market, and KTVB has no control over what Charter does. He stated that KTVB provides their signal to Charter at no charge.

I contacted Charter by e-mail chat and got no answers, except they are going to disconnect. They say we get the same programming from KGW out of Portland, but that is just not true. No Boise State games, no early news, no early programming, incorrect or inaccurate weather reports, almost no local news ... the list goes on.

If you want Charter to continue broadcasting KTVB here, please contact Charter at: (go to "Contact us," then :Chat now"; be patient), or call 1-888-438-2427 and be prepared to jump through their hoops. Let them know we want to keep the KTVB signal! We have little time, so do it now if you can.

Cherrie Carlson-Conklin

Baker City

Great work on the new publication

To the editor:

We just received the 2010-2011 copy of the Visitors Guide/Relocation publication, now called "Baker County Living."

I have read it from cover to cover. It is a great publication! The information is very complete. The ads are so colorful and interesting looking, I read them all.

Thanks for the great presentation. I think we're so lucky to live here. Guess we'll stay for another 50 years!

Floyd and Betty Duncan

Baker City