Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

The list of excuses for not keeping tabs on the Baker City Council will get shorter soon.

And as an operation that depends absolutely on the free flow of information, we're pretty pleased about that.

The city's decision last week to subscribe to an online service that streams Council meetings live over the Internet was a good one.

For a modest fee - $280 per month - the city not only makes future City

Council meetings more accessible, it does the same for past meetings.

The provider, Granicus Inc., will make archived meeting footage

available on its Web site in a digital format that's much easier to

navigate than the VHS tapes stored now at the library.

Best of all, you, unlike the city, don't have to pay a dime to watch.

We would understand if city officials decided their current efforts at

involving the public - showing meetings live on Charter Cable Channel 3

- were sufficient.

But no doubt there are plenty of citizens who have Internet service but don't subscribe to Charter.

We'll let you know how you can watch meetings online as soon as Granicus has added Baker City to its roster.