Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Eliminating labels from politics

To the editor:

We have drawn a ridiculously stagnant line in policy and politics that has become a line without room for gradient or inevitable change.

I believe there is only one race: the human race.

This race can be run as a rat race, fast and hard, maybe it will not

last too long, every person for themself. The young and old of course

will not make it, only the strongest can survive. It could also be ran

with only the strongest young men, leaving the women to care for young

and old and the weary runners. The men, rewarded with authority until

the women discover they can run as fast. Imminent competition.

The final option, no lines drawn and no labels, slow and consistent,

all people working for the same goal, solidarity. A winning race.

If we stopped the labels and lines, brought back a united forum of

politics with effective policy voted on "by the people, for the

people," equally represented, as outlined per definition of each of our

major political parties we could stop the race and erase the lines


Democracy equals government in which political control is shared by

"all" the people (the public) directly or through elected

representation. Political, social, and legal equality.

Republic= (ris- publicus) this public. Residing in the vote, by election, of the people for representation.

Public= of or pertaining to the people, relating to community for the use of all.

Not only do I not see an opposite definition here or a reason for a

line to be drawn, I cannot see a reason for the label or to register as

one and vote to that effect. Elephant or ass, they are both animals

with obvious little effect for the good of public policy or needed

change. We should be voting for a party, a party of people not

affiliated with any agenda other than the public and what we want

represented. The "Peoples' Party." No ends, no labels, and erases the

party lines, for good. Vote for society, a healthy, educated,

cooperative of continuity, a scaffold of growth, no lines.

Debra Parlin

Baker City

A feel-good opportunity

To the editor:

Christmas, a season of giving and sharing with others!

Warmth caused by the "feel good" feeling that comesfrom a giving heart.

Community Bank Corporation has graciously offered a "50 percent match"

for the dollar donation amounts received at each local branch office.

The winning Community Bank branch will be awarded an additional $1,000 company-sponsored donation.

What a great opportunity for the citizens of Baker City to provide much needed support for the local food banks.

Join us in "giving a helping hand," as a gift of remembrance, a gift of

thanks, or a "pay it forward" thought, whatever the amount.

Contributions accepted through Dec. 27, 2010.

Merry Christmas!

Cheryl Gushman

Baker City