Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Editorials slander Liberals

To the editor:

On behalf of my tamer political kindred, the Liberals, and their Liberalism, I protest a certain slander being repeated in some newspapers, including yours, by reprinting those editorials. People who take great care to not defile themselves by what they permit to pass their lips do not repeat obvious and malicious slanders. Neither publicly nor privately, nor forthrightly nor obliquely do they do so. In the Jan. 12 Baker City Herald appear editorials from the Dallas Morning News and the Chicago Tribune ambiguously suggesting the Arizona gunman, Jared Loughner, was a political Liberal.

Let me offer a couple corrections. Liberals are defined, in part, by

their aversion to political extremism and particularly the kind

expressed in violence. Only political illiterates do not know this

about Liberals. Those editors knew. Thus to print the lie was knowing


For another, Congresswoman Giffords was widely assailed in Arizona for

being a Liberal by the conservatives seeking to defeat her. Loughner

shot the Liberal congresswoman. This act does NOT place him in the

Liberal camp. Quite the contrary. Hence it is clearly slander to

assert, whisper or insinuate that a Liberal did this despicable act.

What makes the slander malicious is not the understandable desire to

put any appearance of blame for this away from themselves and their

marksman rhetoric, but is, instead, the obvious intend to defame their

political adversaries by putting the blame on them.

Any repetition of this malicious and very obvious slander reveals not

only the speaker's political bias but also some degree of endorsement

of the act itself.

Liberals, sharing a common primary goal of a more humanist government

and society, do not endorse or advocate violence against their

political opponents. Never have. I protest this slander against


Dan Martin

Baker City

Great care from the hospital

To the editor:

To the staff of med-surgery at St. Alphonsus Medical Center-Baker City:

I recently spent five days on your floor with an illness, feeling

absolutely miserable. I just wanted to say thank you to the whole staff

that took care of me. You were all very professional very caring

individuals. My care was excellent!

Everyone was right there anytime I needed something. When I had

questions about anything, someone was there to answer them or they

would find somebody that could.

I am doing well now and just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate the staff at the hospital. Thanks again!

Linda Callaway