Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Misguided focus on public workers

To the editor:

In response to George Wilder's letter on Feb. 2. I agree with him on one aspect: spending cuts, not new taxes are the answers to the government debt problem.But I disagree with the rest of his "solution."

I am not sure where his figure of federal government employees' average

salary of $81,258 per year came from (politician's salaries maybe?).I

know plenty of government employees that don't make anywhere near

that.It seems to be the popular tack this year that the government

employee is the root of all evil in the budgetary equation.I

disagree.Most of these people work hard for their

salaries/benefits.They also pay taxes, which contributes to the

equation.Cutting their salaries does mean less going out, but also

means less coming in.

Spending does need to be cut, but there are many other areas where cuts

can be made.For example, how much is wasted supporting illegal aliens

in this country every year? These people do not contribute to the

system yet reap substantial gain from and place a large burden on the

system. How about all the money that is thrown away overseas?All the

money that goes to support all those third world countries, especially

every time the earth moves or the water rises.Why aren't their

governments looking out for them?With all the financial issues we are

having here at home, why are extravagant foreign aid packages still

being dealt out?I don't recall many countries "rushing" to our aid

after Katrina?Yet we are "expected" to be the first ones on scene

everywhere else.

Also,it is about time the fiascos in Afghanistan and Iraq be halted

and that money kept here.Bottom line is, you want to make cuts for

five years, cut foreign aid programs and out of country money flow

until we get back on our feet,not cut the throats of the people here

that have to administer/support all the programs that keep being forced

upon us by those that won't take responsibility for themselves and

expect the government to do it for them.

Doug Evans

Baker City