Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Support meant much to family

To the editor:

We wish to thank everyone for your support in the loss of our lovely Cheryl.

The hugs, the kisses, the handshakes and the help, flowers, food and cards meant so much.

I did not know some of Cheryl's friends but I hope to in the future.

What wonderful people, what a wonderful place to live.

The Les Davis family

Baker City

Single-payer system is best

To the editor:

Republican politicians like tosay that the American people are against

the Affordable Care Act (ACA.What) they don't say is that a good

percentage of those people counted as saying they don't like the ACA

say that because they believe it doesn't go far enough. A single payer

system was taken off the table before negotiations even began.

While I like the healthcare insurance reforms contained in the ACA, I

still think a single payer, Medicare for All system (everyone in and no

one leftuncovered) would be more efficient and cost saving. States

can opt out of ACA if they come up with their own plan to cover as many

people for the same or less cost.

That's why I'm pleased the Mad As Hell Doctors will be in Baker City on

April 27, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Baker County Library to

give their testimonies and answer questions regarding a single payer

health care system in Oregon. Come hear from practicing doctors why

they favora single payer healthcare system.

Marilyn Dudek

Baker City

So what's wrong with socialism?

To the editor:

What if? Like what if we had real full employment in this country, so

that everyone had a living-wage job? What if we had the much reduced

crime rate that would result from full employment? What if we had

better schools where we now have poorer schools, and subsidized college

for every kid who can cut it? And single-payer health insurance? And

the people had more say in government and the corporations less? What

if the well-being of the people was accorded a higher priority in

government than corporate profit? And because of which the big

corporations and the very rich had to pay a hell of a lot more taxes

than they are paying now, which would make all the above possible, even


Wouldn't it be great if this was the way things really were? Like if we

could have it just because we wanted it? Probably if this proposition

were put to the ballot it would win in a landslide. Right? Wrong!

Because someone would point out that this was a socialistic program,

and then the very people who would most like to have all this would

then vote it down in a conditioned reflex to that bugaboo word,


Socialist? Of course it's socialist. What's wrong with socialism? If

that's what it takes to again have a just and civilized society, so be

it. If that's the name of the alternative to the corporate-owned and

-operated, endlessly warring, permanently impoverished BushObama

government and society, I'm still for it. I just wish we had a major

party with that agenda so I could vote for it.

Dan Martin

Baker City