Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Media missing mark on Libya

To the editor:

Two wars are quite enough for most and maybe too manyfor others.Are we being led into a third war by some deceptive reporting?

In Libya we hear of many military strikes in recent months but we only

hear that the strikes are by NATO.Who furnishes the bulk of the NATO

military strength:That is poorly reported.I fear that this strength

is mostly American.

Are we being led into our third war by this deception so that approval

of Congress is not required? The news media should alert us to such a

possibility by some better reporting.

Carl Kostol

Baker City

Lions Club had help with projects

To the editor:

The Baker City Lions Club adopted a andlsaquo;-mile section of the Leo Adler

Parkway in September of 2006. Since the adoption the club has installed

three small picnic shelters, multiple benches, and landscaping. These

projects would not have been possible without local business support

and an active Lions membership.

The most recent project was installing two picnic shelters in the new

Central Park in the downtown area. The Baker City Lions Club would like

to thank Natural Structures, Triple C Redi-Mix, and Jeff Petry

Construction for their generous donations toward this project. The

Baker City Lions Club looks forward to pursuing other projects, which

will enhance our beautiful town.

Blake Marlia

Baker Lions Club president