Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Rally a showcase for Baker City

To the editor:

We at the Baker City Cafandeacute; just wanted to say thank you to all the Hells Canyon Rally riders who stopped by the cafandeacute; earlier this month.Despite the rain, it was a fun weekend getting to know a lot of new people. We are huge supporters of the rally as it is a great showcase for Downtown Main Street and the rest of Baker City and Baker County.

We would also like to thank the Baker City Lions Club for their

donation of their time and their tents to keep our rally guests dry.We

couldn't have hosted as many riders as we did without their

generosity.Debi Bainter at the Chamber of Commerce and Ann Mehaffy at

HBC were also instrumental in helping create a great downtown

atmosphere at Court Street for the rally.

Joshua DeCarl

Debra Fisher

Baker City

Getting the truth on health care

To the editor:

My hat is off to Iva Mace.She wrote a nice, honest letter to the

editor about health care on June 10. Unlike Baker City's biggest

romance novelist, she saw through the myth and fiction Pete Sundin was

foisting on us in his letter of June 8.

Without going too far down the research road, since August 2009 there

have been at least a half dozen myth-busting features about health care

in The Oregonian. These feature stories debunked all of the fictitious

propaganda in Sundin's letter.

Still, some fictions, and some fiction writers die hard.

Richard Nase

Baker City