Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Horn-happy trains make me mad

To the editor:

Do the engineers of the many trains that go through Baker City really need to swing on the horn controls from the time they enter the city limits until they leave the city limits?

The weather has finally turned into summer and sleeping at night is

very pleasant with the windows open. That is if you can sleep through a

train blowing its whistle from one end of town to the other. All of

this through gated crossings.

I grew up by the old railroad crossing at Sixth and Carter and it was

not a gated crossing, the engineers at that time also had to sound a

warning before crossings. I learned that the warning was two long

"toots" one short one and one more long one. Now it is just one long

blast for however long it takes to get through town.

At night the engineers evidently had a little more common sense than

they do now. I am not sure if they all giggle when they come through

town at one, two or three in the morning, but I have the ideal way to

curb that activity, if the railroad company would install an air horn

right behind the engineers head, maybe they wouldn't giggle so much.

Baker City is such a nice quiet place to live, too bad it is only for a half hour at a time.

Larry Smith

Baker City

Feds can't run anything well

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Gary Dielman and Iva Mace's response to

Pete Sundin's position on the Obama health care. Gary says Pete

compares the single payer health system to a $200 toilet seat. Hate to

say it, but Pete is right, the Medicare system, not unlike the Social

Security system, is broken and probably costs more than a $200 toilet

seat. Fraud, corruption and just plain mismanagement has probably

destined the senior health care system and Social Security for an

overhaul. And our President Obama wants to pattern his health care

system after that?

The federal government can't manage anything: national parks, post

office, Medicare, Social Security or anything else it puts its hands on

without going into the red. The double billing and over-billing in

Medicare is common knowledge. Nothing the feds do makes money or pays

its way.

You guys just keep drinking your Kool-Aid and keep believing in fairy

tales and that our president will fix everything, and everything will

be OK in the morning.

Chuck Chase

Baker City