Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Another wonderful home restored

To the editor:

The article, "A house that deserved to be loved" in the Herald on Aug.

5 was extremely interesting. This opulent Italianate Victorian

structure has so many ornate and unique details. We commend Jack and

Kari Waldhaus for restoring one of Baker City's treasures.

John Fuzi is also restoring the historic Geiser home which was

severely damaged in a fire. Baker City has a wonderful heritage of

historic architecture. It is great to know that it is being preserved.

Frances Burgess

Baker City

Picking a fight

To the editor:

I learned something at our last high school reunion. It seems that over the years I have developed sort of a fan club with my articles. I didn't realize what part The Record Courier played in it. Seems like that a lot of those who grew up in the 60s and have moved away from Baker have subscriptions in the Courier and Hells Canyon Journal just to keep in touch from Montana, to California, to Washington and Alaska. So I'll write a few more articles.

There is way too much to get in a letter to the editor that will fit in the daily, so a quick overview of my next campaign. Oregon's land use laws and I have been bumping heads since the beginning. The first planning director, Bill Quiqley, and I had more than once session. 1000 Friends knew my position and I have reams of testimony in The Big Look of a few years back. I get mailings from Oregonians in Action. The bottom line is that there are many things wrong with running the simplest land use decisions through Salem or their local kangaroo courts known as the planning commission. The Willamette Valley controls all attempts to modify this big mistake we made in 1973 with statewide land use laws that keep native Oregonians from having a small piece of land while the rich can buy huge blocks and they don't even have to be American citizens. Meanwhile immigration policies will drive our population to close to a half billion on the present course and we are going to save the land by forced urbanization and brand new light bulbs. Time to get real.

Space will limit explanations so suffice it to say that I recently went by the planning commission to find out how big of a building I could build without a permit. I guess it is 200 square feet and not over 10 feet high. I need a lambing shed. It will be 24 by 16 and I guess I'll make it 10 feet 2 inches high. I'm not going to get a permit. I have to have it up by December. I'm picking a fight.

Steve Culley


A great movie

To the editor:

Best movie I've seen in ages! "Midnight in Paris" - Woody Allen at his best. A friend and I saw it at the Eltrym yesterday and enjoyed it tremendously.

Maryalys Urey

Baker City

Great job with the mosquitoes

To the editor:

A big thank you for a job well done.

A wet spring promised to bringe a horde of mosquitoes. However, thanks to those at Baker Vector Control it hasn't happened.

Again, thank you.

Ron and Sherry Quigley

Baker City

Thankful for Medicare

To the editor:

I have to have Medicare. It takes care of my doctors and medications, and hospitals.

I have had two or three insurance companies talk to me. They can't help me because I am low-income.

I have to go to St. Alphonsus in Boise for care. If I lose Medicare I lose all my oxygen. Maybe you can afford $200 or $300 or $400 a month for insurance. I can't.

You live on $600 a month and see how far you get. I am happy with Medicare. My medications to the nebulizer are $500. Medicare pays 80 percent of my needs. Leave Medicare alone. One day you may need it.

Walk in someone else's shoes, and let's see if you would understand other people besides yourselves.

God bless Medicare. I am so thankful for it.

Patricia Schlicter

Baker City