Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Vaccine safety still a question

To the editor:

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled against the people in the case of Bruesewitz vs Wyeth (Wyeth Laboratories). Hannah Bruesewitz suffered catastrophic seizures and brain injury within hours of a DPT vaccine. The vaccine was pulled from the market several years after her injury because it was insufficiently safe. All of her parents' attempts and appeals at compensation, starting with the vaccine Injury Compensation Program, were turned down.

Her parents, Russ and Robalee Bruesewitz, can now only hope that

Congress will step in, overrule the Supreme Court's misguided decision,

and restore the peoples' right of civil suit. There are still

thousands of cases where parents are seeking compensation.

There was a report released by the International Medical Council on

vaccination earlier this year, titled: "vaccines - Get the Full Story."

It is aimed at educating the public on vaccine safety and risks.

Eighty-plus doctors signed their names to it. Efforts are being made

to present this report to legislators throughout the country, in hopes

that they will take action. Injuries as a result of vaccinations are

not hard to find.

Last year, Australia, Europe and the US banned an Australian-made flu

vaccine, after many children suffered from convulsions, vomiting,

dangerously high fevers, one coma and at least one death.

For those who care, please read the free medical report which can be

found at the International Medical Council on vaccination's website.

Send a copy to your congressman, your doctor, and those who share your


Leo E. Castillo

Baker City