Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

School weapons policy misguided

To the editor:

I no longer have a child in the 5J school system.However, I am a citizen whose taxes pay to support that system.As such I found the Superintendent's letter in the Dec. 12 issue to be sarcastic, disjointed,and just a bit offensive.There is no doubtthat safety of school children is a top priority.However, attempting to implement a politically correct solution to a problem which, thus far, has not existed in Baker smacks of both a personal agenda and a desire to emulate big city school districts rather than the one we have.

Our school employees are competent people. A number of them have

concealed handgun licenses, the commitment to the safety of their

students, good judgment, and the requisite level of training to

intervene, however necessary, in the event students are

threatened.Teachers and other school employees with a CHL are "double

screened"...that is, by virtue of their employment in a school their

criminal history and suitability has been checked.As a CHL holder it

has been checked again by the Sheriff's Office prior to the permit

being issued.

Our local law enforcement agencies have trained, and continue to train,

in the event of an armed suspect on a campus.A School Resource Officer

spends time on school campuses.As well-trained and dedicated as our

officers are, the very first adult person most likely to encounter a

dangerous person on campus is not likely to be an officer but a school

employee.I wonder what Mr. Wegener and those school board members who

side with him would say if children's lives were lost because the

school employee with a CHL was deprived by school policy of the tool

necessary to save those children's lives?I understand the school

district retains legal counsel.Maybe counsel ought to focus on the

point I just made rather than instilling an unrealistic fear in school

board members about their personal liability.

My final point is this. If a school board member is deterred from doing

the right thing because he or she fears personal liability maybe such

members should step down making way for other less squeamish people to


Jerry Boyd

Baker City

A kind act from a stranger

To the editor:

I am so thankful that I live in a town where there are people who are honest and trustworthy!

Recently I foolishly left my purse in the grocery cart when putting the

groceries in my car at Albertsons and drove off, leaving it in the

cart. Not long after I got home, a clerk called to tell me that one of

their customers had turned it in to the. I drove to the store and

everything was still in the purse.

I really want to thank that wonderful person who was so kind and honest. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nancy Ferree

Baker City