Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Time for radical political change

To the editor:

Replace all our politicians. Radical? Yes. Necessary? Yes. Why? Have they done anything to deal with our country's serious issues in most recent times? No. Have they passed a bunch of Mickey Mouse laws that mostly just affect your liberties and rights and nothing else? It appears so to me.

Will you get less pork barrel projects for your state, county or city?

Probably yes. Will you have to pay for all other states', counties' or

cities' pork barrel projects? Probably not. Do we need experience in

our politicians. No. We need someone with guts. Every time we elect a

new president do we get experience? No.

Appears all you get with experienced, longtime politicians is laws for

special interests that clearly benefit them and politicians. Bottom

line, is it time for radical political change? I sure think so. What

about you?

Dan Mack

Baker City