Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

No evil had been planned at school

To the editor:

It falls to me to take Kyle Knight to task for his need to publicize himself to the detriment of the 5J district and of his own integrity.

In the latest episode, our hero discovered that some teachers at Baker High School were behaving strangely on Jan. 2, and eagerly called all of his media sources to condemn the district for holding school on that day.

He did not call the board chair, school administrators or the superintendent to find out if anyone had really complained. Had he done so, he would have found that there were zero complaints from parents. It seemed clear that the kids were ready to be back in school and the parents were glad to have them there.

The calendar was negotiated between the teachers' association and the 5J administration, approved by the school board and advertised to the public for nine months without complaint, but our hero determined that an evil had been planned and perpetrated on the community by the superintendent and previous 5J School Board.

Contrary to Kyle's statement re the law, the district and the teachers' association have the right to choose to work on legal holidays as do many other employers and employees. How many of you worked that day?

Our hero sought to verify his claim of community outrage over school on a legal holiday. No luck. Then he thought of the Oregon Department of Education. Shortly, there were four "parents" who called that government agency, refusing to give their names in fear of reprisals against their children and complaining about Jan. 2.

Our hero soon called the ODE to discover if there were complaints. He proudly sent me an email from a very confused secretary at ODE. Our hero did not mean to slander the parents of the 5J district.

He does not know that our parents call those who have control over their problem, not some state agency. That they do not withhold their names, because they fear none of us - not board members, not administrators, not the superintendent.

A clear case of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Lynne Burroughs

5J School Board Chair