Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

What about supporters of life?

To the editor:

The editorial in Monday's Baker City Herald says it all. It backs the woman's right to abortion. It's their right, as well as any individual who feels that it is a woman's right to kill her unborn baby.

However, the Komen Foundation has a right to quit funding Planned Parenthood it if changes its stand on abortion. But as Abby Johnson, who was Planned Parenthood's director before quitting and becoming pro-life. says, "Planned Parenthood will use mafia-style, shakedown tactics against any charity that decides not to fund the group."

And we who are are followers of Christ, should be able to speak out against legislators who support Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars. One report states they do over 332,278 abortions a year. Nowhere in our federal Constitution can I find a clause that can put that burden on me or others that believe in supporting causes that support life.

George Wilder

Baker City

Slow down on country roads

To the editor:

Recently a friend of mine was riding her horse on Old Wingville Road when a vehicle passed her going way too fast for a country road. It spooked her horse and he threw her, she hit the asphalt, cracked her tailbone and had many bruises and cuts. She is extremely lucky that she is alive.

The driver of the car did not come back to see if she was all right, nor did they slow down even through there was a horse running behind them. This young woman is an accomplished horsewoman, she was the first woman ever inducted into the Army Cavalry, she breeds and raises horses and has attended many shows throughout the country with her animals.

I bring this up because I want the residents of Baker County to understand just how serious this could have been, especially if it had been someone that was inexperienced at riding. I personally remember several Baker County residents that have died over the years by being thrown from a horse. This would be an awful way to lose a loved one.

Please stop and think. Be reminded and remind your young drivers of the dangers of not slowing down when there is livestock on the country roads. By slowing down it could save someone's life, including their own.

Leanne Humphries

Baker City

We should be proud of our schools

To the editor:

As a parent of two kids in the Baker School District, I felt obligated to respond to Elliott Averett's letter.I couldn't agree more with the disgust I feel over the public bickering between Knight and Burroughs, it is completely unprofessional.However, I do take issue with his presentation of the data. BHS has a 72 percent graduation rate and the score for the district is reduced due the low percentage of graduates on time by the Baker Web Academy and Baker All Prep College.In looking at the overall 2011 State Report Card, all of our schools have received Outstanding marks in the given criteria and we should be proud. Can they improve? Of course.

It's a misconception that we have lost schools on Fridays, last time I checked my children were spending an hour a day longer at school to offset the hours they do not attend on Friday.There has been a reduction in teachers at all schools due todeclining enrollment in the district and the Legislature's failure to properly fund schools. The District does spend a lot of money on technology but this is critical to keep the students engaged in the classroom. Kids are surrounded by high definition video games and computers andndash; try to keep their attention in a classroom with a boring dry-erase board, it doesn't work.

Having a good school system is critical to any community.We need to address the factors that contribute to the 50 percent qualification for free or reduced lunches.What is Baker City/County doing to entice businesses to our community that pay "living wages?"The only marketing efforts I have noticed cater to the tourism industry.While that does bring important dollars to our community, the jobs they provide are not living wage jobs.Our county needs manufacturing jobs and those have barely trickled in since the mills closed.Can we blame this on the school district? NO! Look to your elected officials for blame.

I am a voter and I intend to exercise my rights and you would be wise to do a better job serving the people.

Debbie Poe

Baker City