Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

In perusing the Baker City Council's list of goals we were pleased about what we didn't read.


It's not that our elected representatives oppose adding jobs to the city's economy, of course.

But we've become tired over the years of listening to public officials prattle on about creating jobs as though this were a task for which cities are well-suited.

The reality is that they aren't well-suited, unless there's a vacancy at City Hall.

Which isn't to say there's nothing public agencies or officials can do to aid the economy.

They can do the sorts of things that city councilors put on their list of goals.

Improving the parking situation, and smoothing streets and sidewalks, for instance.

Making Baker City a more attractive and livable place not only increases the chances that business owners will consider the city when they move or expand, it also benefits those of us who already live here.

Which is always a fine goal.