Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Knight should be 'uncensured'

To the editor:

Our local politics are becoming more like the federal politics, which disregards the opinions of the voters. This is very disappointing.

My wife and I had the privilege of working with Lynne Burroughs in a play she directed. She is an excellent director of plays and no doubt was a very good teacher. Lynne has proved that she is a public-minded citizen and is willing to put herself out for our community; this I appreciate.

I voted for Kyle and Lynne in the last election and felt quite good about the outcome of the vote. With the censure of Kyle, the school district has told me that my vote does not count. It appears that the school chair and other members are pushing their own agenda and not accepting the will of the people. This whole "mess" appears to have become a major power play on the part of the members of the school board. Kyle is not included in this charge.

I highly resent what the school board has done by declaring my vote for Kyle as an exercise in futility.

It is my belief that the school board members were not nearly as concerned with protecting the rights of an alleged thief as they were with removing a "thorn" from their behind.

We that are not willing to run for a voluntary public office should appreciate those willing to do so, not censure them.

Kyle needs to be "uncensured" and replaced in the position that we the people placed him in. He should be thanked for his efforts to try doing what is right and proper, rather than censure him for his effort because they do not agree with his position.

We know that all of this started with the "gun thing" and has very little, if anything, to do with the person that has been charged with crimes. Incidentally, I would like to emphasize that the person has only been charged with the crimes, not convicted. We need to let that rest until the outcome is determined by our court.

Jim Eidson

Baker City

Justice Court needs Don Williams

To the editor:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Don Williams for several years. He is a man who has given a lot of hard work to this community restoring agencies that were dysfunctional and at times an embarrassment to Baker County. The Services to Children and Families comes to mind, which was rife with unethical and even criminal conduct.

He quickly restored credibility to the branch and made it an effective and enjoyable work environment for both employees and clients, who then received a level of respect to which they were not accustomed.

Don is genuine, forthright and his experience record is one of efficiency and courtesy as both a manager and jurist. Baker County deserves this level of strength of character, courtesy and efficiency in its Justice Court.

Don Williams is a man who is very qualified to fill the position of Justice Court. Baker County needs such a man of his experience. Let's keep him there!

Bill Lee

Baker City

Williams is best qualified for JP

To the editor:

This is a letter of support for the candidacy of Don Williams for Baker County Justice of the Peace. My wife and I have worked for the Pine-Eagle School District since 1977 and it was during our tenure that we became acquainted with Don.

During this time Don was the director of the Baker County Juvenile Department. In our experience he was the only director that took the time to travel to the Pine-Eagle School District monthly to meet with teachers, and law enforcement to discuss our concerns about at-risk youth. We found that Don was a person that had a dedication and concern for our youth and his efforts were greatly appreciated.

Since this time we have had many conversations with Don about a variety of issues which among them included his knowledge of ordinances for Baker County and the laws of the state of Oregon. We have found over time that his knowledge of the law is extensive and fair as evidenced by his service as Justice of the Peace pro-tem for the court.

When we look at the list of candidates who have filed a petition for this position, we feel that with Don's extensive work experiences with the county in a variety of different positions which includes his work with the Justice Court, makes him uniquely qualified and the logical choice for the voters of Baker County.

Wayne and Karen Endersby


We need experience in judge's seat

To the editor:

I'm a rancher and a horseman, and have been in the saddle ever since I was able to hold on. I'm not a man of many words, but I'm generally able to get my point across. So I'll just say it like it is. Electing a person who is untrained and inexperienced in the matters of law, into a judge's position, is akin to putting a city slicker on a rank horse in the middle of a crowded shopping mall.

Experience does matter. For Baker County Justice of the Peace, Don Williams has our vote.

Ross and Mary Bullard

Baker City

Williams the only one qualified

To the editor:

I support Don Williams for Baker County Justice of the Peace. I believe he is the only qualified candidate. My experience with Mr. Williams dates from January 1994 when he began his service as director of the Baker County Juvenile Department. I was then circuit judge. He was a godsend. And, according to the presiding judge in Clackamas County from whence he came, his coming to Baker County was a considerable loss to them

Mr. Williams is a problem-solver. He is smart, kind and courageous. His abiding interest, as a juvenile director and later as director of the Baker County Children's Services Division, was to improve the lives of people in difficulty. Mr. Williams always came to court prepared, both concerning the facts and the law. He has the temperament that is essential for a judge. He is entirely capable of making hard decisions.

Milo Pope

Baker City