Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Vote for Duman

To the editor:

I'm supporting Gail Duman in her race for Justice of the Peace. I've known Gail to be a successful Baker City businesswoman more than a dozen years.

Gail has confirmed her moral ethics to be a credit to her success in business.

As a City Council member, she proved to be levelheaded and impartial. Gail will bring long-needed order and supervision to the office of Justice of the Peace, and will represent the office with dignity. Gail Duman is the right choice for Justice of the Peace for Baker County.

Deanna Davis

Baker City

Committed to better nutrition

To the editor:

I have some really good news!

The Baker School District is blessed with a food service director who is passionate about making improvements in the quality of the meals served in our schools. Jessica Wickert's mission is to bring all of our kids to a better understanding of what nutrition is and why it is important. And she wants to get our kids to like and eat good food! She says "discovering the truths of our food industry and witnessing our nation succumb to its marketing power just makes me sick." She is dedicated to overcoming the government's rules and regulations and budget restrictions that make it nearly impossible to feed our kids right.

Jessica is also using her own time to coordinate Baker City's part in the nationwide Food Revolution Day. This day was conceived by the famous chef Jamie Oliver who's had reality TV shows where he challenges school districts to improve the quality of their food.

Food Revolution Day is May 19. Our event will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Baker High School Commons. Come and see the biggest display of produce in the Northwest! There will be raffles, giveaways, samples, cooking and gardening instruction and much more. Learn how to overcome the food industry's seduction that's shortening our lives. Join us in healthy eating and living! And come out and tell Jessica that you appreciate what she's doing for our children.

Laura Harryman

Baker City

Duman an excellent candidate

To the editor:

Gail Duman is an excellent candidate for Justice of the Peace. She has served our community well as City Councilor, Chair of the Historic District Design Review Commission, a Baker City Budget Committee member, and on the Historic Baker City, Inc. Board of Directors.

I know Gail to be thorough in her assessment of issues and thorough in her search for solutions. She is also ethical, fair-minded, committed, and extremely capable. Please cast your vote for Gail Duman for Justice of the Peace.

Ann Mehaffy

Baker City

Forest was better with fewer roads

To the editor:

I moved to La Grande back in 1950 and for 50 years ran a wonderful downtown business with my wife. I have hunted, fished and camped in the Blue Mountains with Betty and my five boys for over 60 years. I've been to most of the ridgetops and drainages, from the Elkhorns to Hells Canyon.

Now I'm 85, have foot problems, walk with a cane, and have been classified as "handicapped." The only way I can get out in the woods is to drive.

So what do I think of all these planned road closures? Too darn little and too darn late! Over 4,000 miles of open roads on one forest is way too much. To think the forest should provide me with endless miles of joyriding is just plain selfish. The Wallowa-Whitman is far more important as a home for God's creations - abundant wildlife, clean waters, and majestic trees - than as just another playground for imported, Asian-built ATVs.

There were a lot fewer roads back in 1950, and the forest was a better place for it.

Loren Hughes

La Grande

Infusion clinic a great addition

To the editor:

We are very impressed with the new oncology and infusion department at our local St. Alphonsus Hospital in the Billie Ruth Bootsma Memorial area. The oncologist and staff are very professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. They have been coming to Baker City from La Grande on Fridays for the past several months. It is wonderful to have them here when cancer patients need infusions, treatments or consultations.

Until now people with cancer have had to drive to Seattle, Portland, Boise, Fruitland or other locations, which can often be a problem.

John and Frances Burgess

Baker City

Downing would be a fine judge

To the editor:

Dear Voters: It is now time to vote for a Justice of the Peace. Quoting from the job description, "The Justice Court of Baker County District #1 is a contemporary link with Baker County history bringing pioneer tradition and history into the new century while continuing to provide Equal Justice under the Law."

If Michael Downing is elected as Justice of the Peace, he will do this well. He has already served as Justice of the Peace pro tem. Michael was born and raised here, and a member of a close family that includes four generations of Baker County residents. Michael is a family man who wants to be a common sense and fair JOP. He wanted the job when it was full time and he still wants it now that it is part-time. Given the opportunity, he would like to do the job so well that he would serve multiple terms.

His commitment to this community began in his youth, doing community service as an eight-year member of Poco-Wing 4-H Livestock Club. He has helped his grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles serve many Cattlemen/Cattlewomen breakfasts. When we lost our home in a house fire in 1995, there was no rural fire protection in our district. When Michael came home from college, a rural fire department was being formed and Michael volunteered as a firefighter and was elected a board member. He got married and moved out of our district and could no longer be a board member so he volunteered for the Baker City fire department and now works at Baker County Consolidated 911 dispatch.

He is committed to our community on multiple levels, his integrity, and his honest hard-working ethics are the reasons why he has earned our votes. There have been many local elections where voter turnout was well below 50 percent. Please choose this election to participate in electing the best person to fill this important position. I hope you will join us in voting for our son, Michael Downing

Dave and Diana Downing

Baker City