Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Suggestions for voters

As a member of the Election Board and before we vote in another election in November, I would like to make some suggestions to my fellow voters.

The job of the Election Board is to prepare the ballots to be sent out to the voters and when the time comes and they are back, we make sure that they are readable and correct so they can be counted and everything comes out right. It takes time to count all the ballots and we are dedicated to do the best job for the voters.

When you sit down to vote your ballot, it would help if you make sure that you read it carefully and vote the correct number of choices in each voting area. Also, do you realize that each write-in name has to be counted by hand? This means that when you write in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto, we have to sit down and count every name. It takes at least eight people to hand-count write-ins. Since you, the taxpayers, are the ones that pay for this, I am sure you would like to make it as easy as possible for the Election Board.

The Election Board is a dedicated, responsible group and when the November election comes around, I hope we can all be dedicated and responsible voters.

Nancy Ferree

Baker City

Mayce Day No. 4 a success

Baker City, you did it again! The 4th-annual Mayce Day-Drink Pink was held on Friday, June 1, and wow, what a success. With each new year of Mayce Day-Drink Pink there also comes a time of sweet and sorrowful reflection. A time to consider all that has been done within our amazing community, all that has been fulfilled and all the ways we've made a difference in Mayce Collard's memory.

Please take a moment to reflect on the wonderful opportunities we have been able to assist with through the J. Mayce Memorial Scholarship, which honors students not for how many touchdowns they make or their SAT scores but for their character, for who they are when no one is looking. Students are nominated by teachers who personify many of Mayce's best qualities: a positive attitude, volunteer experience, and acceptance of others. We feel with Mayce leading the way we have found the perfect niche to fund the "inside" and not the obvious.

Thank you again for keeping Mayce in your thoughts and for your steadfast support throughout the past four years of Mayce Day-Drink Pink. We all are eternally grateful and continue to be in awe of the community support of the J. Mayce Memorial Scholarship Fund; it is a worthwhile endeavor.

On behalf of the Collard family and the BHS Learning Center's Bulldog Blender, our hearts are filled with gratitude.

For more information or to make a donation to Mayce Day-Drink Pink, please contact Amy Powell at 541-524-2634.

Amy Powell

Baker City