Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Greg Walden needs to represent all of his district

It's time the people in Greg Walden's district see who he really represents. The House of Representatives is getting ready to vote on tax-cut extensions.

But the only tax extension Walden will vote for is for the continuation of the Bush-era tax cuts for the richest Americans. Republican Rep. Walden is in "lock-step" with his party and is not concerned with the majority of people he supposedly represents in Congress.

It's time for Rep. Walden to realize that as intelligent, hardworking Oregonians we demand more from him than platitudes, handshakes and Republican talking points. We need a representative who will actually listen to us (the voters) and then vote according to our wishes; not someone who votes the party line every time!

It's time for Walden to understand that he's supposed to represent all of us in his district not just the rich who provide money for his re-election campaigns. If the continuation of the tax cut for those making less than $250,000 a year isn't a priority for Walden, and continuing the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich is, then it's simply time for us to get rid of Mr. Walden as a representative and vote in office someone who will represent all the people in this district.

I urge my fellow Oregonians, in Walden's district, to phone, email or write to him and let him know that if he doesn't represent all the people in his district he will be replaced. I'm tired of the Republican "lock-step" attitude and the effect it has had on Congress and our country. We can do better! Let's get rid of a man who doesn't represent us and find someone who will.

Steve and Michelle DeFord


Thanks for sharing your special part of Oregon

The week of July 22, eight of us drove out from Portland to spend the week cycling Baker County and the Blue and Wallowa Mountains. We've been to Baker County many times but usually only for a day or so.

Spending almost a week in Baker County was fantastic! We rode through, and stayed and ate at Baker City, Sumpter, Halfway and Haines. We cycled on NF 73, HWY 203 and Anthony Lakes Hwy. Wow! We loved every minute of it!

The roads were smooth and the views were spectacular. And the people? Oh yeah ... the people! Everyone was so friendly.

Cars and trucks always passed us with plenty of room. We could not believe how many drivers and ranchers would wave to us as we cycled through. We felt very welcome. You all live in a special part of Oregon; thanks for sharing it with us!

Keith Ketterling