Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Obama film was revealing and, potentially, scary

Last week, I had the experience of watching "2016." I had had mixed expectations before I went, thinking there would be a certain amount of Obama- or Democrat-bashing. There was neither. Instead, I saw a portrayal of the ascent of a young politician with limited government experience and no business background to the highest office in the land. The purpose of the documentary was to find out what motivates this young man, Barack Hussein Obama, and I think it succeeded.

If the producers of this film were accurate in their theorizations, I just witnessed the scariest movie of my life! Before the film moves to other venues, you owe it to yourselves to spend a little time in a theater, currently the Eltrym in Baker City, and watch it.

Robert L. Heriza

Baker City

Remembering a great hike, and a better friend

In reading your wonderful article in the Herald (Sept. 7) about your Eagle Cap Wilderness hike, I relived a four-day trip in 1977 - up Main Eagle, down Trail Creek to Minam River, over the pass to the Lakes Basin, Glacier Lake, Frazier Lake, up Polaris Pass, and down East Fork Wallowa to Wallowa Lake - which I took with former Baker County Librarian Ron Walrod and Frey, his big Malamute dog. Frey carried his own food.

Ron was one of the healthiest and most fit persons I have ever known. He was a vegetarian long before it became common. And every day of the week, he ran seven miles behind his dogsled (on wheels) pulled by his team of huskies and Frey. He introduced me to long-distance running and competing together in 10Ks and half-marathons. In the winter we cross-country skied high into the Elkhorns and camped on snow when the temperature was as low as 5 degrees.

Your trek over Polaris Pass brought back the special memory of our climb out of Frazier Lake, up the steep west side of Polaris Pass, and over to Aneroid Lake. By the time we reached the top of the pass, after hiking switchback after switchback up 3,000 vertical feet of sharp scree, Ron was suffering silently from huge blisters on both heals and Frey's paws were bleeding.

Ron was very tough with a high tolerance for pain. When we reached Anaroid Lake the air temperature was a rare 80 degrees. Nevertheless, I dared do no more than soak my aching feet in the still-frigid water. Ron stripped down and swam for about 20 minutes.

Ron's healthy living did not save him from a cancerous brain tumor that surgery was only able to partially remove. The county's popular librarian died in 1982 at age 33.

Gary Dielman

Baker City