Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Williams right person for justice of the peace

Lately we've been reading about the attributes and qualities of the candidates seeking election for the Justice of the Peace. Given the changes occurring in the budget and the reduction to a half-time position for the judge, it will take someone with excellent management skills to successfully make the transition. Both candidates fit that bill. However, the other part of the equation, and of equal importance in my mind, is a candidate's knowledge of criminal and civil law, as legally sound decisions must be rendered daily.

After completing college I applied for a position with the Baker County Juvenile Department as a court counselor. I was offered the position, and was elated to be able to come back and reside in my hometown. I soon discovered that I had much to learn, as the job required presenting cases in the courtroom, many times in opposition to the arguments of seasoned trial attorneys. Mr. Williams was my supervisor, and I frequently witnessed firsthand his exceptional knowledge of the law, as well as his skill in the courtroom applying the law. He was also an outstanding teacher in equipping me with the survival skills needed in the courtroom. He has always been successful in managing respectful work environments and presenting well-researched and competent recommendations to the court.

Mr. Williams has a long history of success in both of the disciplines needed to be a successful Justice of the Peace. He has done a good job of serving the citizens of Baker County in the Justice Court for nearly two years as a Justice pro-tem. Additionally, Don Williams has been a strong voice in publicly asserting the rights of all Americans to reasonably access our public lands.

He is competent. He is fair. He is considerate. Don Williams is the right person for the job.

Andy Ballard

Baker City