Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

We can't afford four more years under Obama

Ever shop at Bronson Lumber out on 10th Street? Or Trader Rays on Broadway? Well, you won't anymore, as both businesses are gone. So is Spence Industrial Supply and Tenth Street Market. There used to be a couple of antique stores on Main next to the Scrapbook Emporium. They're not there anymore; neither is the Scrapbook Emporium, for that matter. It's not unusual for a small business to fail, but usually another business comes along to make use of the space. But the buildings that housed the above businesses are empty, tenant-less.

My wife and I know what it is like to own a small business during a recession. You grit your teeth and hang on, knowing that in a few months, maybe a year, there'll be a brisk recovery and things will get better again. That is the way recessions have always ended for the past 70 years andhellip; except for this one. It's been four years now, and the economy is still painfully anemic; unemployment remains above 8 percent, not exactly the sort of change we were promised four years ago.

Business owners finally tire of the struggle, working long hours for little or no money. They've lost all hope for the future, so shut their doors, and another small business bites the dust.

President Obama was elected with a mandate to get things moving again. But he has his own priorities, and relentlessly pursues them with no regard for their effect on the economy.

The expensive health insurance policies mandated by Obamacare have already caused many small businesses to shed jobs. Once Obamacare is fully in place, 800,000 jobs will have been permanently extinguished.

President Obama admitted that his energy policies would necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket. But energy is the life blood of any economy, and high energy prices make our manufacturers less competitive against the world.

President Obama nixed the Keystone Pipeline project, which would have created thousands of good-paying jobs. His War on Coal is wrecking havoc in many states. And on and on andhellip;

We cannot afford four more years of President Obama.

Pete Sundin

Baker City

Williams is compassionate, fair and professional

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter recommending Don Williams as your next Justice of the Peace.

I have known Don in both a personal and professional capacity for nearly 20 years. I first met and began working with him when he was in charge of Baker County's Juvenile Department. As a deputy sheriff at the time, I observed Don in that environment and I quickly came to understand he was holding the kids involved in the juvenile system accountable, along with their parents. I knew right then I was going to like this guy.

Don then became the supervisor of the Children and Family Services office. We continued working together in the fight against child abuse.

When Don went on to work for the PRCF it seemed to be just a natural progression in his career. Since I had known him, he had always in some way been on the side of protecting the innocent while holding offenders accountable.

Don has a unique knowledge of the law, having been involved with it from the juvenile process all the way through the adult system.

For as long as I've known Don he has been a man of his word. He's compassionate, fair and professional when dealing with the public.

So, when I say it is with great pleasure I write this letter about Don, it is because Don has lived and worked for many years in Baker County making it a better place. As Justice of the Peace he is well qualified. His calm demeanor and sense of right versus wrong will help guide him on the bench. His compassion and fairness will ensure that proper justice be delivered.

Troy Hale

Former Baker County Sheriff

Nampa, Idaho

We're supporting Bogart for Justice of the Peace

We are supporting Steve Bogart for Justice of the Peace.

Steve has been involved in city, county and state affairs for many years and has been fair, honest and competent in all. He is qualified to be a good Justice of the Peace and what's more, he cares!

Howard and Colleen Brooks

Baker City