Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Bogart knows the community and has lots of experience

I have known Steve Bogart for many years and highly recommend him for Justice of the Peace. Steve is fair and knows the community. He has worked as Baker County Commissioner, City of Baker City manager and many other positions within the county which gives him a wide range of experience and knowledge of the folks that live within Baker County.

I am voting for Steve and I hope you will also.

Roger Coles

Baker City

Bull trout not a reason to stop logging project

I would like to comment on your front page story on a logging lawsuit possible over bull trout on the Forest Service's Snow Basin project. In the first place, I don't believe there are any bull trout in the immediate treatment area.

One of the first things I would like to accomplish before I pass on is to stop this ridiculous foolishness about bull trout being a threatened or endangered species. They are not. Years and years of expensive and concerted efforts by the state of Oregon to control them failed. It was never possible to get rid of the bull trout. I do not think it possible in the future.

I am very well informed about bull trout. I was for five years the president of the Oregon Steelheaders, headquartered in La Grande. I am convinced the bull trout are the worst predators on young salmon that ever existed. I have seen maps with bull trout streams marked in red. It looks like those maps are bleeding to death. Using bull trout for an excuse to destroy the economy of a region should be illegal.

This project is in my back yard and where I have hunted and fished for over 66 of my 80 years. I have been up and down every stream and every canyon in the Snow Basin project. I am convinced this project does not in any way have any negative effect on any bull trout.

I suggest these people looking for something else to sue the Forest Service over, look for something besides the Snow Basin project because as far as lawsuits are concerned, this one is a loser.

Carmelita Holland


Travel Plan can be a boon to elk and hunters

As the Travel Plan moves forward it is imperative that the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest renews its commitment to a plan rooted in scientific knowledge because a healthy environment is vital to all Americans, and brings substantial benefits to communities. Take elk for example. In economic terms, for which local county commissioners have great concern, elk are hugely important for a long-term sustainable economy. The Travel Plan EIS reports for the Wallowa Whitman National Forest "97,953 hunter days in 2007 were directly related to elk populations that depend on the Wallowa Whitman for habitat. These hunters contributed an estimated $7.7 million for their annual hunting excursions for elk on the WWNF." So how do we make a Travel Plan Decision that protects elk?

Northeast Oregon boasts one of the leading elk research facilities in the world, the Starkey Experimental Forest. Key studies have been conducted right in our own back yard that clearly document the negative impacts of excessive road densities, and motorized vehicles on elk. The research from Starkey has helped land managers to identify 17 critical elk habitat areas where high quality elk habitat should be emphasized to protect this incredible legacy and sustainable economic opportunity in Eastern Oregon. If we do what's right, these critical elk habitat areas will be great for hunting and great for elk. So if you love elk, get on board.

The science shows us how we can protect the land and water and safeguard the sustainable economic benefits that came along with a healthy environment. In the case of elk, we should support the Forest Service in making a very strong decision that emphasizes high quality habitat in the critical elk habitat areas, because we will also be emphasizing a healthy world for ourselves.

David Mildrexler


Williams best qualified for Justice of the Peace

We are endorsing Don Williams for Justice of the Peace.

Over a span of 20-odd years we've had occasion to visit with Don. Our conversations have hit on a vast spectrum of topics, discovering we have many common interests and views.

Our support is based not only on Don's character. He was one of the only individuals to approach us when the Travel Management Plan was first proposed five years ago. He has supported our stand from the beginning with comments to forest officials. As a guest speaker at the Forest Access for All meeting in La Grande on April 6, 2012, again Don strongly voiced supporting the overwhelming view of Eastern Oregon, that we need to retain our open forest. Now and in the future our support for candidates will be decided as to their views on natural resource management and the potential impact to the local communities. Don spoke up early on, and this has made a lasting impression on us.

We ask you to join us at the polls and mark your ballot for Don Williams, for Justice of the Peace. He has Eastern Oregon values, plus he's the best qualified.

D.M. and Wanda Ballard

Baker City

Bogart will restore Justice Court to respected status

Baker County is fortunate to have two capable men running for the position of Justice of the Peace. However, Steve Bogart has demonstrated beyond question his management abilities for 25 years. Baker County Justice Court has faced some serious problems in recent years. I think Bogart will help return it to the respected status it held under Judge Larry Cole.

Because of his experience, ethics and dedication to all the people of Baker County, I believe Steve Bogart is the right choice for Justice of the Peace.

Bob Waldron

Baker City