Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Take care when voting; it's a big decision

Please vote with care and wisdom for the positions of secretary of state and state treasurer. These are both constitutional offices, through the authority of Oregon's Constitution. These two, plus the governor, make up the State Land Board, which not only manages state-owned lands to benefit the Common School Fund, but also votes on selling state land. Three individuals only.

In addition, the secretary of state serves as the chair of the Oregon Sustainability Board, which was established in 2000 by then Gov. John Kitzhaber (and renewed by former Gov. Ted Kulongoski in 2006). Its work is identified as "relating to natural resources enhancement; and appropriating money."

Sustainability is defined therein as "using, developing and protecting resources in a manner that enables people to meet current needs and provides that future generations can also meet future needs, from the joint perspective of environmental, economic and community objectives."

The seven citizen board members are appointed by the governor, with the intent of representing all geographic areas of the state in the areas of business, small business, natural resources, community health, economics, and experience in promoting sustainability and natural resource conservation.

I will be giving my votes to Gorrell, Bogart, Segers and Rosenblum, and am struggling with the fact that the competition for Brown and Wheeler seems weak against the positions' responsibilities.

Also, please join me in voting for President Barack Obama, who has done his very best, considering the complex circumstances upon which he entered office and the times, who I believe continues to be a person of intelligence, integrity, forthrightness and honesty.

He understands Constitutional law, and does not attempt to take all the credit for the success of programs which he started in office, and many public employees carried out.

There's a succinct New Yorker cartoon on my refrigerator. It is a classroom of school kids, studying civics, and on the board are the words Executive, Legislative, Judicial.

One boy raises his hand to ask, "What about business andndash; which branch is that?" The teacher of course has a very worried look on her face.

Our decisions are not small ones.

Linda Bergeron


Even Utah's biggest paper endorses Obama

In an editorial titled "Too Many Mitts," the Salt Lake Tribune, the largest newspaper in Utah, has endorsed President Obama for a second term.

While praising presidential candidate Mitt Romney's rescue of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Romney's shifting positions lead the newspaper to ask, "Who is this guy, really, and what in the world does he truly believe?"

The Tribune answers its own question: "The evidence suggests no clear answer, or at least one that would survive Romney's next speech or sound bite."

The Tribune paints a picture of Romney as someone who will say anything to get elected. If that "seems harsh," the editorial says, "we need only revisit his branding of 47 percent of Americans as freeloaders who pay no taxes, yet feel victimized and entitled to government assistance. His job, he told a group of wealthy donors, 'is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.'"

The Salt Lake Tribune has every incentive to endorse Mormon Romney in the Republican, business-friendly, Mormon state of Utah. Yet it passes on Romney and instead endorses Obama.

Endorsement of a second term for Obama doesn't come any bigger than that.

Gary Dielman

Baker City

Bogart has proved his abilities as a manager

Why would Baker County want to elect someone other than Steve Bogart as Justice of the Peace?

Bogart has done a superb job as both Baker County Judge and manager of Baker City. He has proven his abilities in personnel management, conflict resolution, local planning, ordinance development and all other duties of those positions.

He has local roots and understands the people and their issues.

We want him back in the Courthouse. Vote for Steve Bogart.

Ronda Kissire

Baker City

Editor's Note: Kissire is Steve Bogart's stepsister

I'm impressed by Steve Bogart's integrity

I've known Steve Bogart since he was born. He was raised to be a hard-working and honest man. He has proved himself over and over in his volunteer appointments, hired jobs and elected positions.

I am impressed by his integrity. And now I support Steve in his pursuit for Justice of the Peace.

Dorthy Cassidy

Baker City

Johnson will balance city's businesses, quality of life

We're fortunate to be able to choose Barbara Johnson for our Baker City Council.

Barbara will keep in mind the needs of our local businesses and our quality of life. She has had extensive experience being part of a small business. She knows how important good communities are for businesses to thrive. And she knows how important thriving businesses are for the success of good communities.

Barbara will work productively with other council members and with our excellent city employees. She believes in the values that settled our West: honesty, hard work, commitment, old-fashioned collaboration, and respect for differences. She knows the importance of being a good listener, how good ideas come from many sources. And she knows the way honest differences can generate creative, sturdy solutions.

Barbara will contribute to a city council and community we are proud of. I hope you'll join me in voting for her.

Diane Carlisle

Baker City

Bogart fully committed as Justice of the Peace

As his father, I will assure the people of Baker County that when Steve Bogart is elected to serve as Justice of the Peace we will have a public servant who is committed to getting the job done no matter how much time it requires, even if the position is returned to full time.

My family, including Steve, are also working to insure that the forest public roads remain public. He has worked to develop local ordinances and worked with state and federal laws in his various positions.

I ask that you help elect Steve Bogart as Justice of the Peace.

Wally Bogart

Baker City

Bogart has common sense and strong moral compass

I urge you to vote for Steve Bogart, the most qualified candidate in the race.

Steve's roots are deep in Baker County going back many generations. Steve has been a community leader in Baker for more than 20 years. He has served as the City Manager and County Commissioner and has a proven command over the inner workings of local government.

Steve has many qualities that make him a suitable candidate, as does his opponent, yet Steve possesses two attributes that are often lacking in today's political environment:

andbull; Common sense: Steve listens to people and will treat all citizens with integrity as he dispenses evenhanded justice.

andbull; Steadfast: Steve is honorable and has a strong moral compass that will pilot justice for the people of Baker County.

I have known Steve Bogart all of his life and make these observations with conviction and authority.

Kathleen Himmelsbach

Baker City

Southwick is a bargain for Baker County taxpayers

Some things in our government work really well and we only see, through the media, the bureaucratic bungling and wasteful spending.

Baker County is a master at giving the public the best buy for the buck. The Road Department marvels me with the work completed for its limited budget. The County Court truly has the public interest at heart. This works because we elect, by and large, our department heads. I come in contact with many of them through my business.

One of the crown jewels of Baker County is our sheriff, Mitch Southwick. His department is well-trained and very professional. They are responsive and knowledgeable at all levels when I've had dealings with them in civil matters. Southwick's experience in law enforcement brings a professional expertise to Baker County that is a steal for the taxpayers. We the public should support this even-handed and responsive type of management and vote for Mitch Southwick.

Bob Black

Baker City