Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Inmates honored local seniors with dinner, singing

On Dec. 11, the Powder River Correctional Facility (PRCF), hosted its inaugural "Seniors Appreciation Christmas Dinner." This was to honor and show their appreciation for all the many contributions seniors have made throughout their years in the communities they have lived, or currently live in. The dining area was decorated in the spirit of the holidays and everyone had a grand time that attended. The meal was a traditional Christmas dinner and was paid for by the inmates themselves and prepared by them also.

Each table had two assigned inmates who hosted a table. They were most gracious and attentive to our every need. We were very pleased that they were able to sit down with us at our table and enjoy the dinner also. The conversation was great and lead us in getting to know each other. The two gentlemen who sat with us have ambitions to fulfill when their sentences are completed. One wants to continue his love for baking and open his own bakery. He made the rolls for the dinner and let us in on two secret ingredients; brown sugar and squash. The other wants to pursue an alcohol and drug councilor career in order to help others. We will keep them in our thoughts and prayers, as well as the other inmates that they will succeed in their plans for the future..

The Powder River Correctional Facility Christmas Choir sang many Christmas carols which had the audience tapping their feet and singing along. They did an amazing job with only a few days to put their program together and practice. The evening ended with the poinsettias that adorned the tables being given out as door prizes.

We want to thank Powder River Correctional Facility, both the inmates and staff, for a wonderful evening and acknowledge the planning and hard work it takes to put this event together. We look forward in attending next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God bless you.

Don and Glenda Cole

Baker City

When needed, local businesses came through

On Dec. 5, I had unexpected sewer stoppage that affected my home, a dilemma that needed immediate attention.

I'm extremely grateful for "local" firms, Dan Mann Plumbing and Twilight Sewer Service, who responded promptly. Their coordinated effort is much appreciated. The key word is "local" - the owners are prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, and come without delay.

I recommend these Baker City firms to anyone experiencing home ownership problems, such as I had.

Kudos to local businesses!

Phyllis Badgley

Baker City

Special section didn't include a BHS football player

The Baker Bulldog football program, in bringing home the State 4A Championship for the second time in three years, is proof positive of sacrifice, dedication, and lots of hard work by all involved with the team. These boys, most of whom have played football together since the eighth grade, learned the valuable lessons of hard work and sacrifice that will produce reward for their efforts. The coach and staff are to be commended for inculcating these sound principles in their team.

I do question, however, why our grandson, Colby O'Grady, along with one or two other boys were not acknowledged to be a member of the Baker Bulldog football team. Colby has played football with these boys since the eighth grade. He was on the varsity roster in 2012 playing in the opening games with Weiser and Payette. He sustained injuries resulting in knee surgery which will be with him the rest of his life. He still attended his practices and games with the team through seasons end and championship rounds. He kept the football clean and dry during the Scappoose playoff game among other necessary sideline chores. Colby described himself as a R.E.W. (ride-eat-watch) team member at one of the parent/team meetings. He was doing all he could to maintain his contribution to the football team with dignity in a lighthearted way.

Was this an inadvertent mistake or an omission knowingly made by staff? I don't know, but it would have been rewarding to see Colby's picture along with his teammates in the publicity releases for 2012 championship. In my opinion he has earned that recognition.

Larry Cole


Editor's Note: The football roster listed in the Herald's commemorative section on Dec. 7 inadvertently omitted Colby's name.

Thanks for the article that introduced us

Just over a year ago, you published a front page article about the new exhibits specialist at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, who had recently moved to Baker City from Yosemite National Park.

When the article continued inside the paper, it included enough personal details about her age and background to catch the eye of a certain young man who had moved to Baker from Nevada just a few months prior to her arrival in town, having accepted a new position here with the Forest Service.

While it took several more months before life presented the right opportunity for these two people to meet each other, we wanted to say thank you for publishing the article that led to our introdution - we are getting married next week!

Gypsy McFelter

Matthew Burks

Baker City