City should revisit burn rules

It's Friday, May 3, a gorgeous day.

I'm home, thinking about the attention the yard needs. I plan on grabbing my shovel and doing a little flowerbed maintenance.

The house is stuffy, also a great day to open up the windows and air out the winter doldrums.

I head outside to get busy and I'm hit by the smell of burning garbage. You know that smell is not just a pile of leaves, but someone burning their trash.

Call the fire department?

Well, the wind is blowing, so all I can tell is the smoke seems to be coming from the north and since I live on the south side, it could be coming from anywhere.

I have to go back inside, close up the open windows and forget about working in the yard today.


When is Baker City going to ban burning within the city limits? I would love to see the City Council take up this issue again.

We are but a few cities (last I knew) in the state that still allow people to burn and it's not just yard debris they are burning.

And, I think we all know the health risks involved to everyone.

Next time you see a City Councilor, let them know how you feel about burning inside the City limits.

Gail Duman

Baker City