Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Join me in voting for Karen Spencer and Kevin Cassidy

I know Karen Spencer and I know Kevin Cassidy.

Karen is my neighbor, and I've known Kevin and his family for several years. I know they're both intelligent, dedicated, hard-working and committed candidates for 5J School Board. I know they have no hidden agendas and have not formed any pre-election coalitions.

I look forward to seeing them bring their attributes to the board, the students, the staff, and the community. We need them.

Although they have neither one solicited my vote, they have it. Please give them yours.

Karen Woolard

Baker City

Cassidy would bring passion, knowledge to school board

Kevin Cassidy would be a great addition to Baker School District 5J School Board. He is an involved parent, community member and forward thinking individual.

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin when I served on the Parent-Teacher-Community Organization (PTCO) Board at Haines Elementary and as his child's teacher. Kevin is very inquisitive and stays current in the research regarding best practices in the classroom.

Currently, there are many changes affecting our profession. Kevin has been in classrooms, visited with teachers and asked the tough questions of administration to make sure we are keeping our vision of providing an equitable and engaging education for students.

He recognizes hard work and endorses staff dedication. I have witnessed his ability to be a collaborative participant in meetings. Kevin has a gift for listening to others' ideas and thoughts. He listens for understanding and not rebuttal.

He is passionate about children and will do his research to bring informed knowledge to the decision-making process. When you are part of a school district that exemplifies greatness, one must do their best to maintain that standard.

With his admirable work ethic, reliable community involvement, and noticeable desire to support a community who cares deeply about the profession of educating children, Kevin is clearly the most-qualified candidate to serve our school board in Position 3.

Nanette Lehman

Baker City

Oregon Teacher

of the Year 2013

Don't forget to vote, but not for Ogan or McKim

Voters in the school board election will decide whether the politics of divide and conquer will prevail or whether the community will choose a school board committed to working for children and away from internal conflict. With this in mind, I myself will be voting for Rosemary Abell and Kevin Cassidy, largely because of their excellent qualifications and demonstrated track records of public service and educational involvement.

Forgive me for being blunt. I hope voters will vote for anyone but McKim and Ogan, who were endorsed by Kyle Knight supporters Kerry and David McQuisten and Suzan Ellis Jones in letters to the Herald editor/May 3. Electing anyone endorsed by these individuals is like admitting the fox into the hen house due to their central role (along with Kyle Knight) in bringing you the divisive and wasteful recall election that voters defeated last fall. So I hope you will look to demonstrated skills and qualifications in the candidate statements (Herald/May 3) because you can be sure, a fox will present himself in the best possible light and will even promise to cooperate with chickens.

Suzan Ellis Jones signed her letter, "Chair, on behalf of the Baker County Republican Central Committee" but many voters may be unaware that all four of the leadership positions of the Baker County Republican Party (Central Committee) were taken over by recall petition circulators allied with the Tea Party last fall - to the dismay of many lifelong Baker Republicans. Whether you view this as bad news or good news, just be aware that "This ain't your father's Republican Party."

Above all, please cast your ballot. Heavy balloting is the best way to keep extreme candidates from forming a new three-to-two majority on your school board, and school kids would surely be the losers.

Suzanne Moses

Baker City