Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

There's no need for wind power in Baker County

How kind of Mr. Dielman to attack another person who he disagrees with. He implies that the "World's Scientific Community" believes we have global warming or should I say climate change. They seem to use this term interchangeably. I would like to point out some well-known facts. 2,000 scientists who work with or for the U.N. have stated that we have global warming. 31,000 scientists have signed a petition rejecting global warming. One would have to believe that 31,000 scientist can't be all wrong.

I applaud Mr. Dielman in his sharing of history which he does a great job of. Thank you! It would be beneficial for him to look back in history. He would find: 1930s: "Highest temperatures of the century." The last 15 years: "no recordable temperature change."

Let us look at wind power. There is no need for wind power in Baker County! Robert Kennedy Jr. states, regarding wind turbines off Cape Cod: "They would impoverish the experience of millions of tourists and residents and families who rely on the Sound's unspoiled bounties." Martin O'Malley, Maryland's Democratic governor - in 2008 he banned wind turbines from state-owned lands claiming "that windmills would reduce the land's recreational value, spoil the landscape and lower property values."

It would seem that global warming activists don't want wind turbines in their backyards - they want to put them in yours. Mr. Dielman, there are people who do not think like you, but they don't attack you for your beliefs. They just realize that we very much disagree on these issues.

Bill Harvey


Disparaging religious faith doesn't help argument

Gary Dielman's letter of July 17, 2013, attempted to rebut Jerry Boyd's argument against wind farms in Baker County. In doing so, Dielman engaged in an ad hominem attack against my husband - hardly a civil way to voice one's opinion on a political issue.

Dielman unintentionally pays my husband a compliment in saying that "Jerry Boyd is a firm believer in showing obedience to Catholic Church doctrine." Indeed he is! That is the nature of being Catholic! However, Jerry's faithful adherence to the Catholic Church has no bearing on his letter about wind farms, nor with his assertions about the untruth of global warming ideology. In fact, a recent Forbes magazine article on the subject didn't mention the Catholic Church once, but still put the lie to Dielman's argument. There are many in the scientific community who acknowledge the evidence that "global warming" is in fact a scam. See http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterferrara/2013/07/08/as-the-earth-cools-obamas-still-distracted-by-a-fraudulent-warming-narrative/

In addition, Dielman, by playing the "Galileo card," implies that there's something wrong with the fact that Jerry practices his Catholic faith. Dielman implies that Galileo was a champion of scientific thought while the Church was hopelessly mired in the dark ages of non-scientific thought. WRONG, Mr. Dielman! The Church was more concerned with Galileo's inadequate defense of his scientific theory than with the theory itself. Those who like to hold up Galileo as the poster child for anti-Catholic sentiment simply persist in promoting the myths, rather than the facts, about Galileo's disagreement with the Church. Do the research!

Dielman's blatant disparagement of my husband's faith is inexcusable. Sadly, I believe Catholics will experience more of this, given the current political scene, and that it will be tolerated where demeaning comments about other faiths (and secular "lifestyles") will not. I was hoping Baker City might escape the bigotry.

Jay Boyd

Baker City