Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Police Chief owes apology for cowboy comments

We read with interest the BCH article dated July 22, 2013, "Police Busy During Jubilee." For Police Chief Lohner to blame the Bull and Bronc Riding Beer Garden and the rodeo cowboys as the main culprits for disturbances is totally absurd. Per Chief Lohner, "anytime you mix alcohol with confined areas and rodeo cowboys, you're going to have some issues." Police Chief Lohner owes the cowboys of Baker County and the USA an apology and if City Manager Mike Kee feels any responsibility for his employee's statement, he needs to make sure the apology is given.

Mike and Glenda Purvine

Baker City

Can't get church leaders to contribute to papers

I'm still on the same trail as of my last letter to the editor, and why? It seems no pastor or church leader has the time or interest to use open doors even when they are offered freely. I'm referring to the offer that both home papers are willing to re-open the "Devotion" page once a week! So far no takers. I've heard many arguments of which most hold no water.

The one that infuriates me the most is the excuse that some may be controversial. So be it. If it's the truth but you are afraid to speak or print it, maybe you should not be a leader?

Now that I've made some angry I'll go on with my stories about the one and only true God. Yes, the only one. Most people who deny the existence of God, his glory, his righteousness, are being led by the devil to destroy themselves whether or not for lack of knowledge. It's his plan to stop you from entering heaven. Hell is real also, folks. Many kid about it, I did too until I became aware of the facts. I can tell you, you don't want to go there. It's forever and there's no way out. One religion believes you can be prayed out. I have to go by what the Bible teachers, and there's no basis for this teaching. The Bible in 2 Corinthians 5:8 teaches to be absent from the body (death) is to be present with your Lord. There's only two Lords to serve. You choose, up or down. Jesus said "choose life" for He is the only life. Well, I didn't get much of my story in this time, guess God has other plans. That's all right, maybe next time he'll let me tell about my trips. How he stopped me from murder, delivered me from many habits. Some say God never spoke to them, maybe you're not listening. Some say the devil never bothers them, maybe you're no threat to him, why waste his time on you. Become a threat, things will change.

Richard Fox

Baker City