Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Community should work together to fix water issue

Thank goodness that we are finally out of a very difficult situation with our water. Fortunately, our community came together, as we usually do, to make the best of things.

I heard no complaints, only commiseration for those who became ill. Thanks to the quick response of the people at the City, County, and State to this emergency, we avoided a worse crisis. Now, let's all work together going forward to make sure this doesn't happen again.

We are blessed with wonderful water here.

Barbara Johnson

Baker City

Early Learning Hub is not what Baker needs

President Barack Obama has found a devious way to skip Congress and spend money on his obsession with early learning programs. Obama bypassed Congress using the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) to temporally Fund Universal Preschool, and birth to 5 Early Learning Hubs. Oregon HB 2013 gave communities an "option" to apply for these Hubs but left them unfunded and solely reliant on grants funded by ObamaCare. Following in the President's footsteps the Baker 5J School District then bypassed the governing school board and submitted an application requesting a hub to be placed at the North Baker Building.

During an interview with The Daily Caller Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, cautioned about accepting Obamacare grants. "But if they do, they will find themselves having to raise the funds for preschool programs themselves after the grants run out," Hess said.

One of the disturbing requirements about an Early Learning Hub coming to Baker County is the requirement of targeting "all" families in the name of ObamaCare.

"(d) Target, at a minimum, all first birth families in the county prenatal families and families with children less than three months of age and provide services through at least the child's third birthday" Oregon HB 2013 Section 6(3)d.

I am confident that families in the county do not want to be "targeted" by Obamacare, DHS and Baker 5J through an Early Learning Hub. Families are quite capable of raising their kids without government intervention.

As a retirement community with a low-birth population, we simply cannot afford services that are redundant to the services we already provide, and that are not in demand. We already have adequate private and public services for families that need extra assistance.

Bringing a hub to Baker County will damage our locally owned preschools and church programs by replacing them with a universal one-size-fits-all system under the shadow of the Obamacare. As a community we should encourage our local representatives to reject an Early Learning Hub from coming to Baker County by withdrawing the application to the state. We can stop this.

Kyle Knight


Baker 5J School District