Can we solve healthcare problem locally?

We have recently had four letters to the editor concerning health care. Thank you, Mr. Dielman, for getting this conversation started, and Mr. Augenfeld, Mr. Schoenfeld and Mr. Sundin for expressing problems and potential solutions. I also am concerned, but not able to track how each repair would look if implemented. Last year I obtained a copy of Obamacare from Sen. Wyden's office but unfortunately it is the legislator's condensed version so I really cannot know the details.

In order for Democrats to accept a healthcare system it must cover the poor and needy. In order for Republicans to accept a healthcare system it must not be under the control of the federal government as that is not constitutional, or be an enabling system easily milked by slothful or greedy people.

Is there a way to eliminate greedy insurance companies by creating three or four nationwide nonprofit insurance companies? If Republicans want a no-government-involved health system, would they be willing to expect local wealthy people to get together as private citizens and pay for the insurance policies of their local poor and needy? Surely they would be more able to find out who is truly in need and who is malingering. Malingering is a serious problem in any system given the sinful human nature.

Perhaps all the churches in an area could get together and open a clinic for the poor and needy of their area manned by local doctors and dentists taking turns, and leave the wealthy to pay for high-deductible insurance policies for them.

Suzanne Kahle

Baker City