Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Letter writer questioned, didn't condemn, homosexuals

In recent letters from Jay Boyd and then Gary Dielman about homosexuality, Mr. Dielman chastises Mrs. Boyd for writing that homosexuality is against natural law. Mr. Dielman continues that natural law is nowhere written down. There follows a long list of wonderfully gifted people who were homosexual and in his last paragraph writes that Mrs. Boyd should not condemn them with her natural law. From what I recall of Mrs. Boyd's letter, she was saying homosexuals shouldn't be surprised that people think homosexuality is unnatural. I could not conclude that Mrs. Boyd was condemning them or hating them. Since homosexuals are clamoring for normalcy, isn't it a social question to be thought about by society in general?

It was Mr. Dielman's use of the words "violate the Natural Law" in his beginning and the word "condemn" in the last paragraph that caught my attention. Mr. Dielman, are you asking me to conclude that gifted people have no faults - or if they do have faults, they are not to be held accountable for them because they are gifted? May we not examine whether homosexuality is natural? May we not think about the why of marriage in the first place as Pete Sundin's letter of Jan. 13 so thoughtfully puts forth?

As to a written source for natural law, it is mentioned in Romans 1:27 in those instructions we call the Bible. There is a long list of faults. All end in death. It would be eternal death for all of us if Jesus hadn't loved us before we repented - loved us to the point of satisfying justice by dying for us; at the same time making it a sin to hate any guilty person. Whether one accepts that as "truth" is another question.

Suzanne Kahle

Baker City

Linthicum refreshing change for 2nd District

I was fortunate enough to get to talk to Dennis Linthicum today at a breakfast fundraiser for a short bit. Dennis and his wife come off as salt of the earth good people that want to do what is right for Southern, Central and Eastern Oregon.

I know that I have friends that are connected throughout Eastern Oregon, from Burns to Joseph, and from La Grande to Ontario.

Dennis needs our help, he needs people willing to help get his name out in the public, and more importantly to help facilitate him contacting local groups that would like to visit with him.

There is a lot of talk about how Greg Walden is one step away from the Speaker of the House position, which for Greg must seem like a great accomplishment. Unfortunately, during Greg's tenure I've watched forest after forest be closed to open public access throughout his district and I've watched as his staff has ignored emails from the public and did little to effect change on USFS and BLM rules.

Dennis is not perfect, and that's what I like and appreciate about him. He's a man of principles and conviction and I appreciate that as well. Those qualities mean a lot more to me than a representative or staff that tells you they will deal with something and not ever follow through on it.

I'm ready for a new representative that follows through on their word, and that stands on their principles and I believe Dennis is that man.

Dennis needs opportunities, our support and I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to look him up and finding ways to invite him into our region to speak. I would also request that our local Republican committees invite Dennis to their monthly meetings to visit with them and the people of Eastern Oregon.

More information at www.dennis2014.com/

John D. George