Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Regardless of party, I think Warner's best for the job

For the life of me I don't understand why the county commissioner's position is political! This person represents all of the people of the county, regardless of party.

I am a Republican, but during the last election I supported Fred Warner, even though he was a Democrat, because I felt he was the best man for the job. I support him this time, not because he changed parties but because I still think he's the best man for the job.

Colleen Brooks

Baker City

Carpenter most qualified for County Clerk

I am voting for Cindy Carpenter for County Clerk because she has the experience and the "know-how" to run the office from the get-go. She has nine years experience in the office, is currently ranked Management Assistant II, which delegates to her the responsibilities of running the office in the absence of the county clerk. She could step into the job of county clerk without missing a beat...and she's a hometown girl! I urge you to vote for her as the most qualified candidate for the job.

Alberta Bailey

Baker City

Negative letters miss the mark with Warner

Wow! The negative letters about Commissioner Fred Warner would leave one to believe that he is either the devil in disguise or a communist. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

We have known Fred Warner Jr. and his family for many years. We have watched him serve as commission chair over the years and have been thoroughly impressed. Fred is the real fiscal conservative candidate. Fred has balanced the county budget through extremely tough economic times and his still managed to keep morale high and citizen service a priority plus maintain essential public safety services. He has not hired unnecessary consultants to tell us things we know can't possibly be true. He asks us, the citizens, what we need and together we come up with solutions - Baker County style.

Fred has always looked for ways to stretch the taxpayer's dollar. He is not afraid to think outside the box and has consolidated services when it makes sense. We have also been pleased that his leadership style is non-confrontational but extremely effective at coming to consensus on difficult issues. He advocates for Baker County interests by working smart and doing his homework. In contrast, we are wary of single interest groups and candidates who focus on issues that have little to do with the day-to-day business of county government and more with partisan politics.

As business people in this community, we do not like to see the negativity. Please join us in voting for Fred Warner Jr., Baker County Commission Chair.

Jim and Mary Jo Grove

Baker City

Warner's approach with natural resources is effective

All candidates for commissioner in Baker County have spotlighted the importance of the county's role in the stewardship of natural resources. Rightly so, as those natural resources provide the basic services and products that are fundamental for the quality of life in the county, but also serve as the principal driver of the county's economy.

Without question it is the responsibility of the County Commission to provide leadership in addressing the myriad issues that could affect the delivery of those services for the benefit of all of the County's citizens; to ensure that our forests are healthy, that they are accessible for recreation, that the citizens benefit from the myriad products the forests provide.

For six years I have served on the county's Natural Resource Advisory Committee. In addition, I have served as president of the Woodland Owners Association and am currently president-elect of the Blue Mountain Forest Cooperative. In these roles I am intimately aware of what Fred Warner, as chief County Commissioner, has accomplished in this sector, the challenges he has faced, and what strategies he followed that were successful.

Under Fred Warner's leadership the county has:

andbull; Adopted and operationalized the first comprehensive Natural Resources Management Plan for Baker County;

andbull; Facilitated formation of a consortium involving private woodland owners, loggers, mills, county government, etc. that successfully defended the Forest Service Snow Basin project against challenges brought by environmental groups.

andbull; Initiated a collaborative initiative with the Forest Service to develop the Little Dean Fuels Vegetation Management covering approximately 17,000 acres near Phillips Reservoir.

andbull; Facilitated establishment of the Wallowa-Whitman Forest Collaborative in 2012 with Union and Wallowa counties;

andbull; Provided authoritative feedback on the BLM greater sage grouse management plan.

In all cases it was Fred's understanding of the issue and his leadership that mobilized the expertise and capacity from a wide spectrum of county citizens that provided authoritative and effective input to ensure that the County's citizen's needs were addressed. There is no magic formula wrapped in "cooperative" status as proposed.

This facet of county government is too important. Please vote for proven approaches that are delivering successes.

Steve Edwards

Baker County

Two Democrats who didn't vote, but support Warner

Since the law prohibited us Democrats from voting for Fred Warner, we voted early with our wallets.

Allan and Betsey McCullough

Baker City