Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

The new playground equipment at Geiser-Pollman park will be installed this week.

The Playground Improvement Project was the brainchild of two Baker City moms, Lisa Britton Jacoby and Megan Fisher, who thought it would be a good idea to have upgraded, safer playground structures at Geiser-Pollman Park.After asking about how to make that happen, they found that there was no money in the Baker City parks budget for the equipment.

So instead of shrugging their shoulders and walking away, they started doing some research and created a plan for the playground, and researched ways to raise the money and community support needed to buy new play structures.

They met with Baker City officials and made presentations to the City Council, service clubs and businesses. "Friends" followed the progress on Facebook, and shared opinions on the playground design. They found and entered Baker City in a video contest and won $15,000 for the cause. There were bake sales, penny drives, product parties and fundraising events that caught the attention of grantors for the community support of the project, and won grant funds for their efforts.

And they raised the money for the equipment.

Now, volunteers and businesses volunteering their services will take down the old equipment and construct the new playground this week. There are many who have contributed - money, time and ideas - to see this project through, and all deserve a huge thank you from us for helping it along.

But we're particularly inspired by the two moms who, instead of shrugging their shoulders, shouldered the work of making our park better. So although we don't usually brag on our Baker City Herald team members, we think that what Lisa Britton Jacoby has accomplished for our community is worthy of this note of thanks for a job well done.

Editor Jayson Jacoby is the husband of Lisa Britton Jacoby. He is busy volunteering to help install the new playground equipment at Geiser-Pollman Park this week and did not contribute to this editorial.