Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Harvey reflects on campaign, thanks voters

I would like to say thank you to Baker County for the vote of confidence you have shown in the primary election as your next Baker County Commission Chair. As I reflect on the following:

andbull; Interview with Super Talk Radio Eddie Garcia

andbull; Input with Lars Larson

andbull; Participating in two different forums

andbull; Mass mailing

andbull; Radio ads on local stations

andbull; Weekly Round Table meetings

andbull; Placement of over 300 signs

andbull; Attending the Rural Area City Council Meetings,

I am still amazed and greatly humbled that it was the individual person who took the time to learn about the issues and made the choice to cast their ballot. That is what really made the difference.

I would specially like to say thank you to the many volunteers who spent countless hours, providing me with documents, legal information and input on the many different areas that affect our county as a whole today. I am also grateful for those that provided the leg work getting the word out regarding my campaign.

Finally, a great big hug and thank you to my wife Lorrie who encouraged me, supported me, prayed with me and took on the role as my campaign manager.

After the November general election, it will be time to get to work and I am looking forward to January 2015.

Bill Harvey