Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Lamenting the loss of good journalists

I certainly enjoyed reading Steve Paul's column in the Aug. 22 issue of the Herald. One of my pet peeves has been the loss of good journalists. They are replaced by folks who don't check facts or just make them up. I grew up with Huntley, Brinkley and Deep Throat who brought down a president.

Journalism is an honorable profession and some of us rely on journalists for our news, whether in a newspaper or on a screen. If we don't get it, it is like living in a media-controlled state. We have to trust someone so we can make informed choices. Making up the story isn't OK.

Iva Mace

Baker City

Speak out about the forest plan revision

"One of the big misconceptions is that this is a travel management plan and we are closing roads and trails. A forest plan does not close roads and trails. It is as simple as that," Kramer said

We are smarter than this and it's time we stand up to these claims.

Simply stated, if a road is not designated as a route, the road is closed. That language "designated routes" is not found in the current forest plans, and with its addition to the Forest Plan Revision, it allows for the closing of roads that currently is not a reality, nor is allowing the public cross country travel (motorized) acceptable under the Forest Plan Revision.

The Forest Plan Revision authorizes road closures through the designation of routes, and the USFS is attempting to sell you a bill of goods that it doesn't, we all need to stand up and clearly speak out that this is unacceptable.

Please consider the below contacts and get active. While they may choose to not answer you, they clearly hear us. Please start contacting the below list and speaking out for yourselves, you can do this, we have complete faith in you.

You have to stay persistent in your contacts and not give up.

Jim Pena, Regional Forester andndash; jpena@fs.fed.us

John L. Laurence Forest Sup., Wallowa Whitman National Forest andndash; jalaurence@fs.fed.us

Teresa Raaf Forest Sup., Malheur National Forest andndash; traaf@fs.fed.us

Kevin Martin Forest Sup., Umatilla National Forest andndash; kdmartin@fs.fed.us

Jodi Kramer, Public Relations Officer Wallowa Whitman National Forest - jodikramer@fs.fed.us

Fred Warner, Baker County Comm. andndash; fwarner@bakercounty.org

Mark Bennett, Baker County Comm. andndash; mbennett@bakercounty.org

Tim Kerns, Baker County Comm. andndash; tkerns@bakercounty.org

Mark Davidson, Union County Comm. andndash; mdavidson@union-county.org

Mike Hayward, Wallowa County Comm. andndash; mhayward@co.wallowa.or.us

Paul Castilleja, Wallowa County Comm. andndash; pcastilleja@co.wallowa.or.us

Susan Roberts, Wallowa County Comm. andndash; sroberts@co.wallowa.or.us

Scott Myers, Grant County Comm. andndash; myerssw@grantcounty-or.gov

La Grande Observer andndash; news@lagrandeobserver.com

Baker City Herald andndash; news@bakercityherald.com

John D. George